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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Hawaii Island

USA, Hawaii

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By Anonymous , 28-12-2009

big island boi - Damn all of those friggin tourists at hapuna... u can't really surf at 69 even though the only people in the water are snorkelers. But like banyans is awfully consistent and tourists don't Damn go in the water there. Kiholo bay has like no swimmers, and has pounders. Kahaluu is good when the rip current is good, just a bunch of retarded spongers, run em ovah. Just don't get pulled out past the church or u will be ridings rocks! Also, out past kawaihae there is sometimes a nice break. Just don't ride into shark bay or u are screwed...(u can always, always count on a nice tiger or hammerhead to greet you. Sometimes mahukona has gnarly swells, but they have death-ish undertow that will eat you AND your board. Opolu is the most difficult option for west/north shores, but it is rewarding. There is a secret trail from the south-western part of the runway at the airport that leads to what us haoles call "rock point". To get out, climb over the formation if eroding shore and jump into the water with your board. To get out, well, grab a ledge and pull yourself up. Forget about the board, its probaply broken. These are the best north-west swells.

By Anonymous , 19-04-2009

Don't believe it! - There are some spots listed for the Big Island that say "all surfers". Don't believe it! There's some dangerous spots in that list.... Pohoiki's 3rd Bay & Bowls, Hakalau for starters. Almost nobody surf's 3rd bay and Hakalau is an extremely shallow stomper. BE CAREFUL

By Turtle007 , 03-02-2009

Southern Breaks in Winter? - I'll be staying in Naalehu later in Feb. '09. Can anyone offer me some advice for good waves and good vibes? Also, are there any places on the island to rent decent shortboards, or should I haul my boards with me? I'm travelling solo and am hoping to hookup with some locals who know the place well. Thanks.

By Anonymous , 10-11-2008

Surf Rentals? - I'll be visiting Kona next month for my friend's wedding, and the entire wedding party wants to take a surfing trip or two. Can anyone recommend some quality rental places and surf spots? I'd really appreciate it! Please email me:

By , 22-05-2007

Assitance from Hilo to HVNP Please - for $ - 2 possibly coming in June, seeking ride from airport to foodstore to trailhead, then arrange for pick-up. Please email if available. Payment negotiable. Mahalo.

By Jeffro , 17-05-2007

Good place to move? - I am moving there in the fall of 07. The job I have will allow me to move anywhere on the big island. With that in mind, I was wondering what area I would have the best chance of scoring uncrowded big surf most of the year.

I am very mellow so don't think I am gonna crowd up the line-ups with bad vibes.

Just wondering.

By dj boi , 22-03-2007

big big island - the big island is not too popular compared to the other islands. which is really good. secret spots just about every where you can imagine. 4x4 is a necessity to find the goods. taking a journey around the island is the best way to explore and rediscover surfing in its purest form. and its good for the soul.

By surfing hawaii local, tiger , 14-03-2007

hawaii is better that oahu - oahu is always packed. hawaii is never crowded only at beaches that are known by tourists and that have hapuna, 69s, kahalu'u also kua bay which is not on this website.i might add it on here the waves are epic there. is funny when tourists get pounded with the little sponge boards.i like to run them over. waipio is epic too

By Anonymous , 04-07-2006

re: Oahu has best waves - What the big island lacks in "North Shore" wave consistency it makes up for by being uncrowded. On any day its firing, there are plenty places to score sick waves with no one out. On any day its firing on Oahu you have to share with about 40-50 other surfers, especially on the north shore. You go to pipeline for two hours and maybe catch 2 epic waves or on the big island surf for two hours and cant even count how many waves you caught.

By , 04-03-2006

spot on the north coast called Lighthouse? - Never surfed the big island, but I've been invited to come and do so. Sent my host this page, and she said there's a popular spot on the north shore not far from Hawi called "Lighthouse."

Anybody know about this spot? Does it have another name, in the surf spots guide? Is it a reef break, sand/beach break, or what?

Mahalo, y'all,

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