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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Hawaii Island

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By canada , 25-12-2010

save banyans - Save Banyans! Developers are looking to put a breakwall in the bay and build a 6 story condo development that would: 1) ruin public access and 2) ruin this beautiful wave. Stop development on the kona coast. Stop destroying beautiful places with developments. Do your part, save banyans.

By Anonymous , 22-07-2010

Company: Wellness With Aloha (WellnessAloha) - Its so great to hear that the island of hawaii are becoming so popular around the world, particularly when it comes to life wellness.healing retreat hawaii
I think the island itself,has the capacity to give wellness to every tourist because of the beauty of the island. The beaches, the culture of the island and other amenities that the island has.These are the things that will give attraction to every tourist that somehow when they experience the real beauty of the island hawaii they can relax and release all the stress in there life.

By Anonymous , 22-03-2010

banyans at 5ft+ - surfed last 2 days visiting. nice overhead bombs. at the point line-up they suck out over the rocks so you have to know what you're doing. inside and middle break are easier and still get nice lefts. watch the rocks at low tide. definitely best at mid to high tide. falling tide kills it.

By anonymous , 05-04-2006

yeh baby - i came on holiday from england and the last week i was there scored small but amazingly good and fun waves wich beat the shit from anything at home and the locals were freindly to me aswell sweet hope to get back there sometime

By livin in the shadows , 11-02-2006

this place is sicck - yeah i was there
it was small
couple of locals paddle out on boogs, rippin da shit up
air reverse over the urchins barrels galore
struck up a convo
headed to this sick bar
paid for some booze
and hung out with them at some shack
thank god im dark skinned american boi with a t&c board
i fitted right in
latter bros
cathc ya soon

By anonymous , 22-11-2005

OUCH FUCKIN VANA - 2 wayz out, 1 way in...

By anonymous , 17-09-2004

Banyans boys - To all the visitors. This ain't no secret spot, but it's still sacred to the locals. Show respect, even to the bodyboarders. (Kona bodyboarders are some of the best I've seen around the world). Don't show up in flashy "Cali" gear, arrogance will get you spanked here. Ease your way to the peak, wait your turn!!! And be stoked if the locals don't take that from you! Everyone's got to pay dues. They don't give a rat's ass if you rip like Kelly Slater, if you show up with an "I rip" attitude, the boys will not hesitate to cram a lava rock up your ass, and steal your slippahs.

By Underwood , 10-12-2003

Hot Spot - "Banyan's" is the most versatile and most advanced surfing location on the west side. It has it's loyal locals and crew on the beach. Just show respect out there and be cool, and you won't get any shit! Don't surf it with a contest-catch every wave attitude, "cuz it won't be tollerated! Banyans is always different w/ every swell, so use your judgement and surf Lyman's (just south).

By anonymous , 07-10-2003

ICE!!!!!!! - Creful of the ice heads, got my shizza ripped from my car on an early morning barrell sesh! So be careful and knock the drunks and ice heaqrds off the beach. fuckers

By anonymous , 26-07-2003

no title - Cheeeeeoooooo Beach BUm squad we rip it up cheee heeeee you know how we do banyans is my home

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