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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Gulf Coast, Texas

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By heather , 15-03-2009

HELP!!! girlgromtobe - I've been trying to surf for 2 months now. My bf has been doing it for years and keeps putting me on his longboard. i hate his longboard and feel like i have no control over it. i take his shortboard out and have a blast but am still having trouble. i need something in between to get started. i dont want anything clunky. im 5'4 and 115 lbs!

By Gabe P. , 09-06-2008

Who is the Mexican? - Who is that Mexican guy that hangs out at 37th street all day either surfing or by his truck. He has his name tatooed down his back in old english. Pretty typical of him to do so but he thinks he owns the place so my buddies kicked his skinny ass one day then he started crying about his salt water soul being hurt...

By LOCAL , 10-01-2007


By Pdaddy , 29-11-2006

where to surf - Ive had friends rent from Ohana's (around 27th and Seawall) I think a board is 25 for 2 hours, I dont know how that compares to other places on the island. As far as the conditions, its hit or miss. Good days followed by weeks of nothing. Best places are the Flagship, 37th and 61st depending on the conditions. The Flagship is fun but can become crowded on weekends when houston folk makes their way to the beach. If you were able to have fun in California Im sure youll be ok.

By Da Haole Bruddah , 24-10-2006

Peak Season - Ya this is texas's best season but you will need a wetsuit(best to have a 3/2) it isnt quite as cold as California but some days you might need some booties. Just a little tip, go to surfside if the buoys are running 8' and up if it is an east swell (has to have east) and it will be breaking in the ship channel in between the two jetties and no matter how much the wind is howling it will be clean and fun, no barrels but still fun waves.

By , 08-10-2006

visiting from oahu... - aloha... i'll be working in the houston area for the next three months and i am wondering what the surf is like in galveston from october to january. how are the water temps? do i need a wetsuit? what kind of boards should i bring? any help is appreciated! mike

By , 18-08-2006

where to surf - Hi
I'm a begginer would like to know the best spot for a begginer like me to surf in Galveston, and where to rent a surfboard with good prices. I've only surfed in california before so I'm not sure what to expect. If you can help me please send me an answer.
Thank You,

By $urfer 4 Life , 10-07-2006

South Padre Brah - To the guy moving to austin from Cali. Ya got South Padre or nuthin' in TexAss here. I grew up surfing Galveston, joined the army and move to Oahu, got spoiled and then moved back to TexAss. I make the drive to Padre about every other weekend. It seems to be the most consistant, and so far, it is the only beach in TX that isn't chocolate milk and tarballs all the time.
Don't get me wrong, I still love Galveston, but for someone spoiled on Trestles and such, I would reccomend Isla Blanca Jetties.

By Yoe , 10-05-2006

Would like help from the locals? - I am a Californian moving out to Austin area. I surf all the time at Tresles in Orange County and I am spoiled by good waves. I need help from the Surfing community on two questions?

1) Is it realistic for me to assume that I can continue my bond with the ocean and others surfers even though I will be far from the water?

2) What would be the best spots for me to surf? (I WILL make the drive but I want the best bets for me to surf)

Thanks bros and gals!

By anonymous , 15-02-2006

Wave Yakin? - Just moced to the area, Use to white water Kayak and hit the surf when storms came in, anyone down here hitting the surf in some play boats? And for those who dont know.. I'm not talking about a sea kayak or sit on top.

Thanks for any info

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