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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Gulf Coast

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By chris , 06-06-2010

- Im a Cali surfer and Ive lived all over and I know for the most part the surf is what uyou make of it when I lived in North Carolina I dropped my shorty for a long board and had a great time. All I got to say is I take the waves I get and I am happy to have them big or small if I'm in the water I'm stoked. Please don't let some negative stuff from Cali make you think that all Cali surfers are stuck up because surfing is more than where you are from and I'm lucky to have had the chance to surf three coasts and I've never been let down.

By rudeboy013 , 06-09-2008

You know what? - I'm totally cool with letting these cali kooks think there's no waves in Texas, more room for the true surfers.

By Anonymous , 24-04-2008

travelling surfer in US and Canada - Hey, im an aussie in toronto canada looking for a wave break. i have friends in texas in Houston who I plan to visit in the next few months. I see there is definitely some surf to enjoy, but whats the deal with the shark situation?

SA in aussie is pretty worrysome for them.

Catch you at them.
D - a fellow water rider

By Anonymous , 16-11-2007

hey texans - yeah texas isnt like cali, but hey we know how to have fun tooo. wait till october here in padre, the swells are awsm!!!!

By Anonymous , 11-10-2007

- surfers in california are spoiled they are bombarded with good surf most of the year. thats why people in texas dont let this get them down. if we cant surf we can do other things texas is so versatile..

By Anonymous , 28-06-2007

- check out for some cool details about south padre island surf.

By Anonymous , 11-12-2006

Texas Rules - You know all of yall who think texas has no surf are wrong. Plus if you had no where else to go you would surf here to its not that bad but its better than getting ran off the beach by assholes. If you have a problem with texas DEAL WITH IT!!

By Anonymous , 11-12-2006

Texas surf - All you who think texas sucks are wroong and if it was the only beach you had you would surf it. I travel alll around the world going on tours and stuff during the summer but during the school year i surf my home break in freeport. You can say it sucks but its better than getting ran off a spot by assholes that dont have a life in cali.

By Anonymous , 15-06-2006

locals - Locals are surfers who don't have their sh@t together to travel and surf other places. globalize and learn to share, there are so many good waves out there it doesn't make sense to surf one break. Travel and you'll never be a local.

By occy , 10-06-2006

to the real local - Hey bro, Im a peruvian living in Houston and looking forward for this year's hurricane season. Obviously when u paddle out, respect to locals is a must, that's everywhere u go surfing. But dont forget, nobody owns the sea, its just there for us to take care of it and enjoy the waves. See u out there! nana.

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