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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Gulf Coast

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By mario , 26-05-2009

Hello - I am going to Florida in Sept for a 2 week hole and i am looking to get some surfing in - any tips as to the best beaches to go to? I've been surfing for just over a yr now in the UK, so am OK @ standing up and riding to shore but haven't ventured out back yet so am looking for a beginners- intermediate surf!
any help much appreciated, thanks



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By Anonymous , 04-08-2007

any good tips for florida?! - hey
im goin to florida in sept for a 2 wk hol and am looking to get some surfing in - any tips as to the best beaches to go to? i've been surfing for jus over a yr now in the uk, so am ok @ standing up and riding to shore but havent ventured out back yet so am looking for a beginners- intermediate surf!
any help much appreciated, thanxs

By Anonymous , 03-03-2007

03/03/07- twinpiers really cokeyna - nice break south jettie good north jettie bigger, but glassy and off shore breeze so the waves pitched outso the tubes were good but twin breaks r 99.9% good when ever there r swells.
size range.....nee to waist high.
i wont lie it can get full of peeeps.

By M - Dog , 21-11-2006

Consistent - Waves in the gulf mainly come from Hurricanes during hurricane season and cold fronts during the winters. I wouldn't consider the swells consistent and usually they are blown out. To get the Gulf good you have to be ready at all times to catch the small windows when all conditions come together to present something worth riding. Some of the most popular spots are bradenton, sand key, and st pete beach. Although these are the popular spots I surf in N. Pinellas (not sand key, further north) and there are lots of spots up here with little crowds but equal quality. Also the outside Islands can provide some exotic, remote, and suprising quality waves.

By SoFlaSurferPK , 03-11-2006

Consistency - Just how consistent are the waves on the west coast (not Panhandle)? What is the main source of waves? Wind swell/ground swell? Cold fronts? I live on the east coast where waves can really be considered consistent, so what it is considered consistent in winter time on the west coast? 3-4 days a week thigh-waist high plus? What are the best beaches to surf/where does it break the best? Where is it most crowded?

By anonymous , 12-01-2006

same thing happened in my home break forum - hey todd which break around tampa bay area is the most consistent any storm direction or thermal. Check out my home break forum canada east coast lawrencetown, its nuts!

By Todd , 08-01-2006

what happened? - why did the messages stop in 2004

By Peace out... the Gulfman , 19-11-2004

Indian Rocks Beach - Really flat for a while... We are starting to see a possible window of swell right around Thanksgiving time... nothing epic but definetly ridable waves... check back here each day for a update.

By anonymous , 01-11-2004

Gulf Coast Surfing Forum - Check it out

By Tony , 19-09-2004

Gulf Coast - Naples was going off Sept 15th and 16th 2004. Hurricane Ivan brought waves that were unthinkable. To all you kooks that say us guys on the gulf coast suck, I say bring it on. I'll work a wave to the very end and show you moves that you never thunk could be done on bigger waves. Dude where do you think Slater learned all his moves. It was'nt in Caly. It was on small waves in Florida.

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