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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 24-09-2003

Hunington not huningdon - Yeh the beach that you call huningdon is called huningotn so why dont you change it to what it is supposed to be because it makes you guys look stupid

By , 19-08-2003

Shut up you kook. - You can make a surfboard out of wood and use polyurethane resin and petroleum involved. Nice pseudo-intellectual drivel from a pseudo-informed dork. I bet you are a great surfer, too. Go back to France or Frisco (I don't care where you are really from) and hang with your kind.

By ZIGZ , 11-08-2003

get ready for a life of more bombing, dudes and duchesses - Since most of us ride to the beach via petroleum based vehicles to ride our petroleum based surfboards, and since most of you don't know how to make polymers from other materials, everytime the Cheney Puppet gets his marching orders, somebody is going to get bombed in the name of God, Country, and Big Oil. And heaven forbid that you should question their true intent, because you will face plausible denial and ruined careers, in the name of the best interests of the Great and Powerful Oz-- I mean United States.SO GET A CLUE!! STUDY CHEMISTRY AND LEARN ABOUT ALTERNATE SOURCES OF POLYMER STARTERS, LIKE SIMPLE SUGARS FOR CHRISTS SAKE. did you forget that the basic building blocks of water were hydrogen and oxygen? and that most reactions involve changing forms through the addition of heat, with the presence of a catalyst? These are not rocket science things that surfers should never be concerned about. these are things you can do to change the world order, or sit back and learn nothing, and do nothing..... the choices are yours, but believe me, I sat around and waited my whole surfing life for the world to wake up and be molded by a better people. it never happened. sorry. now it's your turn,dweebs. GIT ON IT !!!
P.S. The meaning of GOD to our government is Guns,Oil, and Drugs.

By God , 09-08-2003

Stop talking about me! - Leave me alone. I am trying to surf. Stop babbling like a cult member. Go surfing and get a life

By anonymous , 01-08-2003

no title - There are still God Fearing people here. We love you Jesus.

By The real Fairmont , 02-07-2003

Will the real Fairmont please stand up? - My nickname is Fairmont, and I just learned from friends that and ex GIRLFRIEND has been using my nickname to raise hell. She even used my email. What a jerk.

By anonymous , 17-05-2003

NEXT COUNTRY TO COP IT - I have just heard some military intelligence which says the allies are going to bomb Zimbabwe in September. (Allegedly)

By anonymous , 29-04-2003

brazil/ca - Brazilian surfboards try the boards over at They are much much more active.

By anonymous , 25-04-2003

I found this awesome surfer!!!! - He is really good for his age, which is 13. His name is Alex Cooksey. I talked to him a little while and he told me his email address is This kid can rip!!!!

By , 27-03-2003

Brasilian Surfboards - I represent some of the best surf companies and shapers in Brasil.I'm loking for someone to be my representative in California or any contact in surfshop. We just work with the best material in the market and the price is very competitive because of our currency is depreciate. Tks, Eilon.

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