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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By cali's the shit , 12-09-2006

California - You out of towners think that california is the brattiest place on earth...get it right east coasters, just because it aint as cold, doesnt mean we're not as tough, we've got somewhat cold water near year round unlike where it hits mid 70s in the water where you guys are at, sharks, bull kelp that will eat you alive, and most of all angry ranch owners, yea, it was a bad idea for those guys to elect arnold, all in all your just jealous!!!

By Anonymous , 12-08-2006

shame - I have driven past this place many times and seen it looking 6ft plus, clean and very heavy looking, Pity its private as ther are allways waves there when it small, what are some surfers going to do to there land, shame.

By anonymous , 28-04-2006

California Rules - California is the all time best place in the world. It has all the attributes of some of the best places in the world all brought into one state. Weve got the best waves in the nation, apart from Hawaii, some good ski resorts, the best citys, and the coolest people. The guy who said Cali is gay is jsut a fag. Everyone here is down to earth, relaxed, and dont have their heads up there asses like the whole east coast. East coast is just gay, Arnold is an ok govener, and weve got amazing waves

By anonymous , 23-04-2006

California, a weird place - I am from FLA. I have surfed in Cali a few times and the waves are much better there. The guy from the east who said that the East is better is living in a dream world. How can you say that with a straight face? Football players, surely FLA is way better, but surf, Cali is far better. Although FLA gets great, there are many surfless days. You can surf almost every day in Cali. However, there is one drawback. I have met some really cool people up in Cali, but generally, the people do not seem to be nearly as sincere or down to earth as those on the east coast, especially FLA. Too many rich brats who act shallow as hell. Mommy and Daddy put too many of those little bastards in front of the TV. The guys over there spend about half their time gelling their hair and talking about what J-Lo was wearing. Too many expensive purses and gangster wannabes. After all, they elected Arnold to run the government over there. Unbelievable. Next election maybe it will be some kid from the OC television show.

By Jayce newan,mavericks , 26-01-2006

Uk surf - The uks surf is not crap its just inconsistant so get it the girl who is freaky about all surf u scare me "omg i love surfing" we all do tit bag stoke on somethin else

By , 11-11-2005

hey u lot - hey you guys im not anu gd at surfing i will get there some day haha un the uk is crap 4 surfing by oh well it is 4 every thing else 2 lol just kidding anyways your all soooooooooooooooo lucky to live in the us omg i envy u lol i wanna b real gd at it i might 1 day un im gd at skating=skatboarding dont know wat that as to do wiht anything byt oh well usa rules!!!!
charlotte uk gurl lol
p.s anyone can email me at ma msn addy bout wat u think of surfing or just to talk lol

By VB local , 03-10-2005

East is way better than West! - I visited the west coast and its good, but you guys who can't surf that small stuff with your shortboards are just dumb, joking the east coast for its small surf. We get just as good and even better waves on the East than the west. I am not saying that all west coast surfers are dumb, but when you go west we rip. We can surf the tiny waves and get way more points in a comp. than the west crew.

By , 02-08-2004

Someone able to help me - Hei everyone, what's up, I'm travelling to California on thursday, I'm from Spain and I've been surfing for 2 years.
I'm just goin' alone and I will stay in Coronado, if someone lives close and wants to a friend for surfing contact with me please, I'm alone for the moment. THANKS

By Confused , 30-07-2004

I just realized - That the problem with surfing is that you have to choose only a few breaks and surf them most of the time. WHy? Because when its good at your home break, most likely its good everywhere else, especially during the winter. Now, do you really want to drive 1 hour to get to Rincon or Trestles and fight the crowds, or would you rather stay at your local break and get crappier waves with less people and get more time in the water. Thats a hard decision, but most of the time I'm going to pick the local break with less crowds and more water time.

By anonymous , 18-07-2004

whatever surf the east coast lacks, it..... - I know that plenty of people reading this will cuss and fume, but frankly I don't care. I come from the Eastern part of the United States, and much prefer the ocean there. The surf is definitely bigger on the West Coast, and for the most part the shore is prettier and more magnificient looking than the East Coast, with possible exception of Acadia N.P. area of Maine and a few blindingly white beaches on Gulf of Mexico in Florida and Alabama, but the Atlantic and Gulf are definitely warmer, at least in summer months, can surf or swim without dern wetsuit, especially Florida, and the East Coast does not have as many (there are some, of course, but not near as many) religious cult and New Age weirdos and other types of freaks like California ("la-la land") and localism and possessivism of waves like the West Coasters (surfers always complain, and rightfully so, about beach and ocean access, but what about access to waves - no one person, whether surfer, windsurfer, and simply person standing letting waves wash over top of them owns them, either). Would much rather surf Hawaii or Tahiti or someplace else with as big or bigger waves that West Coast but much warmer water and warmer and more down to earth people besides. Viva la East Coast surfing and surfers!!

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