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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ventura point

USA, California, Ventura

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By Anonymous , 17-07-2010

Davey Miller - Not only is Davey Miller a great surfer and drummer, he's handsome as well. A true gentleman.

By Davey Miller , 12-05-2009

- If you have a problem with me, why don't you talk to me face to face instead of hiding behind your key pad. I've only sounded people who had it coming. Did you? Thanks, Davey Miller.

By Anonymous , 12-05-2009

just surf. - Ventura point is a great place to learn to surf. But the top point by the river is not. I'm sure thing's would run smoother and safe. If traveling folks knew this. Everyone is welcome at vtpoint. Just use your head.

By Anonymous , 30-03-2009

Ventura - Davey Miller your best friend if he is tring to sell you a painting. In the water he is an asshole. Go bvack to pipeline and learn a little something about ALOHA

By Anonymous , 30-03-2009


By Anonymous , 11-02-2009

Davey Miller - I have known Davey Miller for 30 years. I lived down the beach from him at Pipeline. He was a natural tube rider. Many thought the very deepest at back door pipe. He has a great family. His kids are so important to him that he gave up a beach front Pipeline house & a big spot on the pecking order For the sake of there education. He had no trouble at all. It just became so crowded. He decided the bad schools were not worth it. He tried to help clean up the mess in the line up back in Ventura. He still surfs so well & polished. I was sad to see some kook writing anything but thanks for Davey putting Ventura on the map for 2 decades. VENTURA BORN & RAISED.

By Berndog , 14-08-2007

C STREET NOT GOOD FOR YOUR SEX LIFE - C Street looks like a fun spot to surf. I lived in Silverstrand during the 80's so I had no desire to downgrade to the mushy crowded waves there. But here is an interesting story. In 83 there was a huge swell going on. I found myself on the pier watching while waiting for our reservations at the local restaurant. There was a lethal rip coming from the point down and through the pier. One of the kooks realized that it was too big and tried to paddle in at the cove and got caught in the rip. His fate was obvious. He was coming at me going at least 10 MPH when a huge set came through the pier. We made eye contact and I started screaming at the guy "TAKE OFF YOUR LEASH" He was petrified with fear and was under the pier when the first wall of 6 foot wall of whitewater hit him. All I heard was a sickening BAM!! Meanwhile my girlfriend started nagging me "They called our name, let's go" When I ran to the south side of the pier all that came out was half of his surfboard. With my girlfriend bitching at me I ran and jumped off the pier onto the sand. The guys leash was wrapped around a piling. He was conscious but dazed. He was just doing nothing to save himself. There was another set coming through so I had to swim out and pull him in. Meanwhile my girlfriend was freaking out over the reservations and screaming at me from the pier as I dragged this guy onto the beach. They wouldn't seat us because I was wet. Long story short, the guy lived and I did not get laid that night. I hate Ventura Point.

By Ventura born and raised , 17-07-2007

Davey Miller's legacy... - He's still around and still a total prick. I remember being a grom way back and Davey used to throw rocks at people from the beach at the Pipe and Stables. He got chased out of Hawaii, now he's making plenty of enemies here again. He's the type who thinks he owns any spot he paddles out at. Yeah he rips, but the guy is almost 50 now. He needs to pull the stick outa his arse, and just play jazz with his trio at Paddy's.

By 3rd IPR , 13-07-2007

Girlie Wave - Watch out for all the girls surfing this spot. They'll get in your way. Please forgive them; they are just following the latest trend. Don't run them over either. You wouldn't want to ruin their pretty faces.(ha ha)

By Former IPR , 08-07-2007

Davey Miller - What happened to Davey Miller? I know he still lives in Ventura. That guy used to do laybacks in 10' tubes!

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