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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California

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By sonomaloc , 22-06-2008

sharks - yes, always - supposedly we have more great whites since we're within the breeding triangle. But they're always underneath anywhere you travel. There is a food chain & you take your chances the same as in a casino, pal. Have fun!

By Nicolas G , 29-05-2008

Sharks??? - I come from France and I plan to come 3 months from August to october in Healdsburg.
As you can imagine, we don't know anything about sharks and I'm a little worried about its.
Can you tell me more about, please?
Thank you for your answers...

By Anonymous , 05-10-2006

GOOD SURF - surfed that place ocean cove the other day......good wave,, need to wait till the conditions are right....the locals were friendly ...could be one of the best spots on the sonoma coast.......

By anonymous , 09-03-2006

Thanks - hey thanks for all the new surfing spots, I was getting tired of all the same spots I was going to. But people that are locals are right. Why tell people were to go if that is were all the locals go? Just will crowed the awsome surf spots.

By anon , 10-02-2006

whatever - we have cold water and big sharks most sightings arent even reported, and yes there is surf. But dont plan on coming here for your first time and actually finding it. Most locals are chill as long as you dont do anything stupid. And the locals that arent chill with no reason are just butt hurt commuters from inland

By anonymous , 29-07-2005

Sonoma Surf - Salmon Creek is a good beach for surfing.
Doran is a good beach once a month.
There is surf here, people who say there isn't obviously haven't stayed long enough to witness anything nice. Please do not comment or complain about things which you are nieve or ignorant to.

By anonymous , 28-06-2005

How's marine lab? - Anyone ever surfed the marine lab cove? What is that break like? Is it protected from NW winds? From the maps it looks like it probably needs a south or a really big NW swell to make it into that protected cove

By michael , 24-06-2005

getting real - come on guys. this wave has been breaking long before you were even born. ride it well, show respect,and be grateful.

By The ONE ! , 15-06-2005

The One Man Crew - Don't worry. If you get lucky, and you stumble onto one of the spots when it's good, it wont be a group of teenage little boys you'll be needing to look out for. There wont be some big "CREW" for you to avoid. It will be the one or two older locals you better worrie about. So when you go flopping out into "there" water, you'll realize theses guys are the 15-20 year kinda locals. The kind of knarly guys you just didn't think about. And then you will get just what's coming to you. And as there putting your nose back together, it will all hit you, "Man,I was never even close to the Sonoma Juice!" The biggest idiot of all is the one who thinks there's no surf here! The second biggest idiot is the one that thinks it will be easy to find!!
Start roller bladding!!!

By anonymous , 19-04-2005

written by and for kooks - I'm not a Sonoma Co. resident. However, I've spent a LOT of time camping on the Sonoma Coast and exploring its beaches and coves. I just found this website yesterday and when I saw the Sonoma map I felt ill. For a long time I thought I discovered some of these breaks because I found them through hard exploring and often surfed them alone or with a friend during weekday dawn patrols. Eventually I picked up bits and pieces of knowledge from locals as well and realized some of my "secret spots" are actually well-known breaks to local residents. Call me a "fake soul surfer" but I think knowledge like this should be earned not given to any and every person who owns a computer. Some of the people who read this website and visit will be cool but others will bring aggressive attitudes and/or penchants for board-ditching and dropping in. This website is incredibly irresponsible and selfish. Also, readers: this website imparts no wave/ocean knowledge whatsoever. If you don't learn the right tides and swells for most of these breaks, you WILL get skunked or even hurt. If you want this knowledge forget about getting it on the internet and prepare to spend a lot of time learning this coastline the hard way, by exploring it and by respecting it and its residents. Otherwise, stay home and read this kook's website or go to SoCal or Santa Cruz, where your kind has already ruined surfing.

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