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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ano nuevo

USA, California, Santa Cruz

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By Anonymous , 24-02-2010

ano bombs - i always go out to ano, th ebest spot in northern cal. i from san mateo county and i hate to see all the kooks from santa cruz thinking they own it. anyways. is good, powerful, sometimes on a good sell it feels like a skate park, full of ramps, and of course always cold..

By Anonymous , 31-08-2009

fire - I surfed this place alone summer 2009 and it was cracking. Head plus and the rights were just firing down the line. Definitely a lot of wildlife in the water and cold as balls but worth it for the waves. After about an hour a couple more people came out but they were cool. Just don't be a muppet out there. And I am definitely not a local...I live in South Carolina.....Just like the town spots, dont drop in, dont get in the way, have respect, wait your turn and know how to surf and nobody bothers you. Anyway, this probably the best wave I surfed in the 35 days I spent cruisin the cali coast....having said that, dont surf it if you are not a very confident and good surfer cause the wave has some onions. Finally, this is a pristine local so dont leave trash, graffiti..etc.

By Anonymous , 02-06-2009

fun wave - One of the better spots I've surfed in my life. People seem to think they own it, but, they are all just a bunch of wusses when it comes down to it. Guys should just just get a life.

Coldest water year round, and you gotta check it daily to get it any good. Very fickle. One main take off, once in a while the south peak works, but its gotta be big and crossed up.

By miguel , 15-12-2008

This is not Santa Cruz county - This place is not in Santa Cruz, it is san mateo county and belongs to us boys up north. Santa Cruz agro dill holes always try to own this spot which sucks about it. It is a sardine can takeoff zone so don't be kook. When the combo swells work together and tide is super low you can be sure to see every pro there giving a free air show. If you not local and passing through don't surf here go to Santa Cruz and drop in on everyone. If you want to get good shacks go to OB in San Francisco, this is my hometown and the best wave in Cali when its on. And no dickhead santa cruz homos with stickers on ther boards dropping in on you.

By Anonymous , 02-11-2008

Quality Persian RUGS - CITY KIDS OWN THIS PLACE... S.C. Please stay in town... You are all kooks... -415

By california gold , 23-03-2008

Heavy vibes - I am not too sure about this wave, the last time i came here we spotted a huge fin and there were just crappy close-outs. not worth it, 4mile or wadell the call.

By Anonymous , 14-08-2007

misinformation - don't listen to these guys. every comment here is designed to throw you, the non-local surfer, off the scent. obviously, this is a very sharky stretch of coast, but people surf at Ano and around Ano all the time without being mauled by a rogue grey beast. in fact, these are some of the most satisfied, fat, gluttonous sharks on earth. they're usually too full of seal guts to give a sh-t about you. just avoid sea lion breeding season, a time of year when the men in gray suits lurk nearby and pick off baby sea lions like chicken fingers at sizzler. there are tons of good waves around here and no shortage of swell. just come and have a look for yourself. don't be scurred.

By Anonymous , 20-07-2007

- off the island by au nuevo there is a sick break but great whites

By Anonymous , 12-06-2006

This is san mateo county - yes there are sharks

By SoulfullPescoBro , 28-05-2006

Warning. Stay away. - Hi everyone, I have lived at Ano most of my younger life while my dad was a ranger stationed there. My best bro lost his leg to a whitey in the cove. Very sharky. I was out fishing yesterday and saw a 13 footer crusing to the inside for dinner. The wave sucks and there are sharks waiting to get the un-soulful summer transplants. Its mushy, mushy and always blown out, even when it seems glassy the wind is always onshore here.Don't even check it, just surf in SC or north in SF. Don't come to the pesco area, its shraky and shitty surf. Trust me dudes, stay away from Ano and youll thank me latter. Dont let it even cross your mind. Not worth it. Stay Home. Its a mushy left that blows out. If your passing through just surf Pigeon point. It looks rocky but just got out, drop deep and youll be ok. Youll make it just dont worry about the boils. Its best on low tide when all the reef is exposed. Just do it dudes. Surf there and don't waste your gas checking Ano.

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