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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, Santa Barbara

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By parks356 , 01-11-2011

surfer - T's is a great spot with hollow point breaks that have barrel petential. t'S IS VERY CONSISTENT, usually more consistent then jalama. T's can get swells up to 13-16 ft. If you want the best wave of your it will probaly be here.

By Anonymous , 16-01-2010

Yeah dudes - this place is fun if you can stay out long enough and get a wave before a wave gets you if you know what I mean, this place is a pain in the ass and will make you work.

By Anonymous , 05-05-2009

Lomoc public education system - Dude, you have got to be kidding. Couldn't tell that groovie guy was just being silly ? Man, Lighten up, Take a surf trip, no, not surf beach, like, out of town, and let the meth laced air of Lompoc drain out a little. Sheesh !.

By Lompoc local , 16-01-2009

This guy's comment below just show's his jealousy - Tarantula's wasn't crowded 30 years ago; I know from actual past experience surfing it. This 'groovie-gay' fool may sound stupid, since EVERYONE knows it's still uncrowded when there's a solid NW swell 15+ ft.(not inches), but hopes HE can 'play local' by talking crap here. Go for it GG boi... if YOU still can.

By Groovee guy. , 31-12-2008

t's shmees' - Yeah, man, I pretty much own t's. I drop in on any wave from 10 to 15 inches and I mean inches dudes. Whoa, My boogie sponge hydro rail helps me pull off legit barrels before I hit the beach for some serious sun tanning and thong wearing . Yeah, I'm pretty hard core but if you see me, say hi, and maybe I'll share a non alcoholic brewski with you. Laters.

By Anonymous , 15-10-2008

oh my - Pic 1 is almost double overhead where the guy is standing on the wave, he has almost two times that to drop into making that wave near quadruple overhead!! This pic was taken on the cliff down from cracks and the trail that lead to the beach if your parking where you can get a ticket. This is a serious wave man!!!

By Anonymous , 26-03-2008

For a few days - I surfed Ts on building swell. The last day was solid 10-12 with 20-25 ft faces, I was on the right. As I tried dropping in the wind grabbed my 7'6" and I went over with the lip as I watched all the boils I was being thrown on, scariest fucking thing in my life, luckily I didnt hit rocks, after that everytime I almost made it back to the lineup a 10 footer would smash me, I gave up. 5 seconds after I touched solid ground after a violent beating, a large bird shit on me. Thats when I called it a day. Respect this place, have some paddling arms, and have zero imagination.

By Big Prokamzi , 06-03-2008

The truth about Tarantula's. - I had my uncrowded time in the sun from 9/77 - 10/78, while enlisted in the USAF@Vandenberg AFB. Had the best tube ride of my life at Cracks, succesfully rode a 20' back NW swell w/ a handful of brave souls, & even saw some fine female titties on the beach. One thing for sure is that both breaks, T's & C's work year 'round consistently & deserve an EXPERIENCED / PROFESSIONLLY-BEHAVED group of surfers ONLY, with any strong swell THEY WILL OWN A RATING DEFINATELY WORTHY OF AT LEAST 4 / OCCASIONALLY 5 STARS gauranteed! Size matters there coz it will always thin out everyone but the bravest souls of any visitors to Jalama county beach's state park.

By Anonymous , 05-09-2007

Heavy - Only head down to T's and cracks if you are an experienced surfer. This spot gets soo crowded now with a bunch of kooks who barely can ride the line. This spot is for the hardcore only and should stay that way. Dredging tubes on the sandbars that are very unforgiving. All the idiots wiping out just wastes waves for the experienced.

By Anonymous , 30-12-2006

20 at 20 - Change of frequency yet holds...

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