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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Main street

USA, California, Santa Barbara

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By Guadman , 20-11-2006

Choss - What does choss mean?
I guess it means howling offshores and still no shape. Plenty of swell here but no payoff for all the work. Surf the dunes instead.

By local surfer.................10 , 17-07-2006

local sufer age 10 - this was to easy wassis

By Sponger Shawn , 28-02-2006

Piping barrels - I've scored it pretty epic in the Fall. Get it when it is glassy with long interval swells. Great shorebreak...

By anonymous , 20-02-2006

Good but you better workout before you come - Unless your david hasselhoff bring a jetski cuz if its big it is like impossible to get past the shore break. I loved it thought it was an amazing spot and there was like a total of four people there me my friend and two mexicans sitting on the beach looking at the waves.

By JJB , 31-12-2005

Main - It will kick your ass, bring your balls on a big day it will challenge you, rarely anyone out with any stones.

By anonymous , 05-05-2005

lame - wow what he just said is completely not true... oh and yes guad kicks major ass.

By a so cal local , 26-11-2004

this place houses wusses and babes - the other day I tried to surf this plce, and just got skunked, cause it always sucks here. But I decided to paddle out anyway. But I did get some action. one of the "locals" was there with his hotter than hell girlfriend. he paddled out and vibed me to show off to her. I rousted him verbally and he got andgry. We took it to the beach and I beat his arse to the ground. Then he couldnt drive so i gave his girlfriend a ride home. On her way out, she winked at me and gave me her phone #, and said call me up. So I did, and you know the rest. Maybe this isnt such a bad spot after all.

By Local Knowledge , 06-05-2004

Don't forget - The whole stretch inbetween Gaviota & Pismo should not be taken lightly. It's deserted, can get heavy, and it's a ways back to civilization if you get in trouble. You've been fairly warned.

By anonymous , 22-08-2003

no title - This spot shows off alot of current. Ive watched a buddy take of on a right, ride it for at least 10 seconds. When he pulled out he was in the same spot that he started. Lots of dead baby crabs. Close out sneaker sets when its big. Nice little peak to the right hand side down the beach about 50 yards. This place does get epic once in a while.

By gusdog , 20-07-2003

dude this is the shit - dude isnt there a wedge spot down the brach 45 minutes cause my cuz nick statom said there was and i wa wondering if there was anybody.

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