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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, Santa Barbara

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By surfman1977 , 18-11-2011

1 other thing - if you are looking for info about naples reef, look at photo #1 posted here, that point type setup you see in the background of this photo is naples reef Im pretty sure, so if you are having trouble finding that place you should be able to at least get a better feel for it now.

By surfman1977 , 18-11-2011

comming soon - Ripcurl Search - comming soon - Ripcurl Search "somewhere in goleta" - no joke, this spot is now gonna be on the map for sure. there is some secret footage of kelly and tom surfing here that ripcurl just got ahold of, I was down here the other day and saw some guys with ripcurl hoodies on and clipboards, they where trying to go by unnoticed but they had binocks and where typing stuff into iphones the whole time. I asked them what was up and they didnt really want to talk about it so I just followed them around for a while trying to talk to them and finally they broke down and said they where scouting possible sites for a new ripcurl search contest and that this place is 1 of 5 they are looking at in the area.

By Tanker , 01-03-2010

What a bunch of verbal kooks - Stupid postings like "we know who you are" and "locals spots" is crap. Surfed last weekend with a couple of bros. It was hugh. I paddled out with three guys in the water, after 15 minutes they split in. I had hugh waves all to myself as my bros paddled up to the point. No one threatened us, everyone was pretty cool. My bro got worked on a major set, lost his board and the locs ran and picked it up off the reef. This is not a secret spot, just off the beaten path. Your lame verbal threats are immature. You must be 15, 16 years old. I guess it was too big for most of you little kids. Glad you stayed home and played x-box. More big waves for me. Mahalo.

By Anonymous , 04-02-2010

Go HOME LA - LoL, poor little guy with the fins on the fire. Dang. I hate it when that happens. Guess you all should mind your manners.

By Anonymous , 19-01-2010

dangerous! - this posting is highly irresponsible. I was accosted here after reading about the easy walk and aledgedly lame duck locals. I want whoever posted this spot to pay for my board repairs after some apeman broke my fins and tossed by brand new Merrick on the fire.

By Anonymous , 14-09-2008

dead mans - ive heard this place called deadmans a bunch of times

By Go * Home , 20-06-2007

whats nice about driftwoods - whats nice is that we (the locals) all grew up here surfing our local breaks and went to highschool together so we know who we are and we know who you (stus) are. If you come here with a group you are going to have problems.

By Anonymous , 10-05-2007

Now I know 2 - Hey thanks for posting your comment, which showed up on latest comments...Because now I know about your spot too.

By blue 5'6" , 09-05-2007

not cool - went here the other day after school on a small swell and was greeted by a crew of kooks from laguna beach sitting in the fort that my friends and i built. these guys tried to act all local but u could tell they didnt know shit about this place, we asked them if they knew who built the fort and they were like "oh yeah our bud who lives over here built it, hes the one who told us about this place". i bet 50 bucks they found out about driftwoods from wannasurf...

By ex stew who sympathizes with you SB locs , 10-03-2007

agreed - I went to school and lived in SB for 6 years (which means I'm NOT a local) and only surfed here a handful of times but even then I always went alone and never told anyone about this spot. Whoever posted this is a dipshit who doesn't deserve to surf there. RESPECT the locals if you go there, it is their spot and I know how it is being a local in a place overrun by out of towners.....

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