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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Santa Barbara

USA, California

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By Anonymous , 25-08-2008

- Need to escape the summer SB doldrums? From Gaviota, boat into Hollister Ranch. At least 10 high quality breaks. Perfect waves YEAR-ROUND and the prevailing wind is offshore all day long. See you in the line-up!

By fear beneath , 31-05-2008

northern santa barbara county - hey check out the shark forecast at all about northern santa barbara county!

By maro , 02-04-2008

july waves - i am going on surfari to santa barbara on july..i´ve noticed is the flat this really true ?it wouldn´t be swell enough for good spots to break?thanks.aloha

By jaws , 11-02-2007

Shark Park - Dude I want to go to shark park out by san miguel island. It looks incredible. Too bad it only breaks once or twice a year!

By surfer , 21-11-2006

SummerTime point break - Hey if u were up at a certain summertime point break and happened to snap a photo from your boat of an unknown rider on a bomb set wave close to sunset please respond i want that pic

By , 07-02-2006

no real locals - unless you are native american you are not a real local. stop the european attitudes in and out of the water, and realize you live on stolen land with native blood on it.

By anonymous , 06-02-2006

Get REAL-TIME water temperature in Santa Barbara - We provide a REAL-TIME temperature, salinity, water clarity sensor out on Stearns Wharf in downtown Santa Barbara, get the data/plots at

By anonymous , 11-07-2005

SB surfers are unwanted like Vals - I live in Oxnard, and we are sick and tired
of the vals and SB brats invading our spots.

Stay home. You've got the babes anyways. Oxnard women
are ugly. How about a little trade on your babes for our waves? Sounds reasonable.

By Jenny , 11-04-2005

BOARDSIZE-EMERGENCY - Hey everybody, I'm from Australia and this is the only website I could find that I could chat about surfing, but I was wondering whether someone could help me with board sizes! Now I want to buy a second hand board and was wondering what size board would be best for me! I am about 160cm 1.6m tall and if someone could help me out straight away, that would be great! Thanks so much

By anonymous , 16-03-2005

never is good - sb is only good about 10 days out of the year but thoes 10 days are amazing snad bar rincon (indacator is in santa brabra county but the cove is not) secret reefs if u live here u will get thoes days but mostly it flat here

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