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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 San Mateo

USA, California

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By 707westy , 15-11-2009

shhhh - I used to surf a spot just a ways north of Ano, all by myself for years and years. Funny part it's easy to find, practically visible form hwy 1. peels right for almost 200 yards, left for 75(if you're lucky). Super hollow long barrels. I always wondered why no one ever went there. Do your self a favor folks... grow a sack and get of the beaten path. The best kept secrets are the ones you know, not the other guy. Or you could just go surf a short crappy beach break at Ano with just you and 50 of your best friends.

By Anonymous , 01-02-2009

WTH - WTH is TRW's? I've lived right around the corner for years and surfed every little screwed up little reef in the cove area, even some stuff that gets good one day a year. Me thinks it's been a hoax opn the site for years, or perhaps it's just mini mavs who knows....

By Dan Wodarcyk , 03-04-2007

Local history - Does anyone have any suggestions about local places to learn about surf history of the area, besides the museum in Santa Cruz? Or is that it?

By Anonymous , 29-01-2007

bag it, bags - choke on your bitter pills, old man. yeah, surfing's been slimed by greed and crass commercialism. this is not news, and i know dozens of guys under 30 with a better attitude towards the lifestyle than you appear to exhibit. you paint with a broad brush, you wind up obscuring a lot of things as a result, mostly to your own eyes. if you can't hack it in the lineup, start considering spending more time in a golf cart. i also know guys 70+ who haven't thrown the towel in and still charge and hang with a lineup of people all ages, and have a positive attitude. the only lost causes are bitter old men like you.

By the "BAGS" , 09-11-2006

One of the Few - Being part of the over 50 set w/40+ years in the water I want to tell the under 30 set to just quit NOW. You have no clue what Surfing is about,or anything about it`s history.The world of Surfing has been slimed by money. The "pros" are a bunch of butt-waggeling shit for brains egomaniacs, along w/ the wannabees & groupies that pollute our waters.But the jokes` on you. We were there when it mattered. Alone{3 guys} at Lowers. 10 guys at Rincon,a few friends out at Impossibles,10 guys at Pakalas`. We are the History of Surfing, You are just History.

By , 08-09-2005

san francisco - first i m sore my bad english,i go to the san francisco to study englhish in sun francisco,i want to know if have surf next,where?good waves?i m from brasil,thanks

By anonymous , 02-12-2004

long time for a response - it seems that this guy has been waiting along time for a response about a book. so it would seem to me that there isnt one.

By anonymous , 14-02-2004

Good Book - I want opinions on what is what book is good for a beginner shaper to learn from . Whether one book stands above them all or if a few are decent. Any input would be much appreciated

By KCBS listener , 27-08-2003

jenny glick - Jenny glick did work for KCBS at that time and did report a shark attack. If you guys weren't so brain dead from surfing you probably could have figured it out. Maybe look in the San Francisco Chronicle for that date. Duh.

By Spinny , 08-08-2003

This is the RED TRIANGLE!!!! - What the hell do you mean we trash the beach!! I grow up here. This isn't LA or some TV show. When I started surfing here 20 years ago 2 to 6 guys out at any spot that happened to be working was a crowd. Now a days know one has any respect for anyone. Latly all I see are big time KOOKS showing with atitude, like there the shit from some kind of TV show they saw. Give it a F#%$ing break!! If your new at it, like in the last 5yrs or so. Show some repect and don't paddle out on surfers you don't know.. Who knows it might come back to you.

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