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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sharp Park

USA, California, San Mateo

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By 408surf , 16-07-2013

- btw when i say this spot gets huge, im talking in the 15-25 foot range and itll go off 20 plus days a year. It also tends to close out and turn into massive ugly closeouts but in the right conditions it can be epic.

By 408surf , 16-07-2013

- i may be the only person that surfs this spot exclusively when its huge. im not sure why no one knows about it, or cares about this spot but all i can say is its probably the gnarliest spot besides mavericks and ghost tree in norcal. its basically the same wave as ocean beach except you can jump off the end of the pier when its huge. on huge days (which is the only time i surf it) thers a crazy rip that drags you from the north side of the pier to the south side. its basically impossible to paddle in from the north side, you gotta time it swim under the pier and get dragged in, walk out and hop back off. its notoriously sharky and being that no one is ever out and with fisherman throwing bait in the water its uncomfortable. that being said its one of the biggest heaviest gnarliest waves ive ever surfed on mavericks type days. the best wave is the giant right that forms on N/NW swells on the northside of the pier and breaks just past the end of the pier. this wave is extremely dangerous but in my opinion its 10 times better then ocean beach. no paddle out here but be prepared to get beat up in the water, and maybe snag some of the best big waves of your life. make no mistake this is a big wave spot and it will eat you up and spit you out if you dont know what youre doing

By Andy Wolff , 22-04-2013

Lonely - I just surfed here earlier today...if you can call it surfing. My girlfriend and I cruised down from the city since I had been reading about Sharp Park on here and thought it sounded like a nice change from OB. Well, it was just as everyone said...looked pretty fun but not a soul in the water.

After a little contemplation, we decided to get in and have a go. Well, my girlfriend wasn't abel to make it past the shore pound which was admittedly a bit tricky. When I saw that she gave up on paddling out, I realized I was in a new spot in the red triangle without another person in the water. I scratched for the sandbar out the back, caught one wave (kinda fun, about shoulder high and a little wonky) and rode it all the way in and we ended up surfing Pacfica just down the street as it was more her speed.

What's the deal with this spot? I think I'll go back with a buddy who's a bit more experienced and see what we can make of the ghost town...such an eerie feeling, I thought I was gonna get snatched up at any moment.

By eddiewent , 08-01-2010

I've never seen anyone out here - Hi there, I'm glad to find some info about this spot on this site. I've lived in SF for like 3 years now and I regularly surf Pacifica, Montara, Rockaway, etc.

Every single time I drive down highway 1 and look over to the ocean, but there is NEVER anyone out. Often times, it even looks good, if not epic, but still nobody out.

Is there anything about this spot I don't know, which would explain that nobody is ever out there? Why is it that nobody ever surfs there?

By Anonymous , 18-12-2009

solid waves - Surfed here a couple weeks ago. 8-12 foot faces offshore winds, no one out on south side of pier, or really anywhere. Very heavy, way bigger than it looked from beach. good waves on tap but be careful here.

By Anonymous , 15-09-2009

lone bones - pretty consistant by the pier, watch out for weekend warrior fisherman they consider surfers a nuisance. somewhat heavy closeouts when its big, but a good place to get a few quick chunk burgers.

By Anonymous , 19-02-2008

Deserving spot finally added - I couldn't believe this spot was not on here so I took the time to put it up. I surf here a few times a month but rarely see any others out. Hopefully this will generate some stories about this place and people could throw up some more pics.

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