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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 19-09-2016

spent my firs 21 years of life livin here - had many good days, many bad days, and many many overcrowded days. its funny cuz even if all the visitors were removed, and it really was locals only, it would still be overcrowded. some of the best days i remember were overhead lefts at really low tide late 80s. i used to get an hour or 2 uncrowded back then before the 3pm crowd showed up. seems to have as many visitors from other zip codes as lower trestles.

By Anonymous , 23-04-2010

Dude - Wow. Reading the mostly cringe-worthy comments peppered with meltdowns will give you the douche chills something fierce.

Yes, this is a really good, really consistent fun wave.
No, the locals are not friendly.
Yes, people outside of the local crew surf here. If you posses the proper ettiquete and skill and can deal with stink-eye youll probably be OK. Dont push your luck.

Yes, the wave will pull in sets that are significantly larger than the surrounding beachs. Excluding Blacks of course.

By Anonymous , 08-03-2010

PHXCOASTIE - This is probably the best reef in La Jolla. Its not the heaviest (big rock) or the biggest (the cove), and not the best reef in SD (probably ralphs or the coast guard life house in pt. loma) but it is the best in terms of surfability. It wont kill you or jack you up. There are a couple of shallow sections but even those aren't too bad. Nothing compared to Puerto Rico or Barbados.
The locals CAN be real douches from time to time. Typically the older guys. I'm 31 and surfed here for over 6 yrs, but still there are dudes who claim to be a hot-shit local, but I've never seen them. Like everyone else said, show some etiquette and if some tool starts hassling you just ignore him and snake the next set.

By Anonymous , 19-03-2009

RESPECT - Windansea is a pretty sick spot. If all else fails throught San Diego County you can always count on windan to be poppin. As for the crowd.. Well as the comment a few comments below mine says the crowd can be abit instense. Sure, like all spots show respect and everything will be alright but every so often they blow shit out of proportion. Even when they are in the wrong they still want to cause problems and when you call them out on it they say the typical story "I'm a local". Forget about going toe to toe one on one like it should be, they will back down go and get all their friends and then act hard. To get respect you must also earn respect.

Dickdraggers 4 life

By Anonymous , 09-11-2008

Beautiful - I live and surf in in South Orange County and roll down that way from time to time.Windansea is without a doubt one of the nicest beaches in So Cal.I have caught it a couple of times really fun.It features a somewhat small take off area with rights and lefts.The crowd is what it is.If you play it cool and don't paddle out like you own it you will caught a wave or two.The locals all know each other there and are a tight group.I figured that out instantly and showed respect and have had no problems there ever.I'm forced to share waves daily with people who don't live in my neighborhood and if they play it right there are no problems.I heard this straight from a former world champion "Do you want to surf the same place for the rest of your life"? How lame and limiting would that be? I don't blame people for being protective of there homebreak and Windansea does have rep for this. My thoughts are be cool as they are rich kids. How tough can they be? Drop one and the others will follow.

By Dave G , 02-08-2008

Classic Spot -

By John Winnick, Sr. , 31-07-2008

Windansea - Windansea is one of the most consistent surf spots in the continental U.S. I have been surfing Windansea for over 30 years and have found that the wave changes with the tide and swell direction more than most line-ups along the coast. Most of the people who cannot handle crowds do not bother surfing there. The locals are very protective of their wave and you just have to have etiquette and share waves. There is one peak on the right and left, not like beach breaks where there is multiple drop in zones. Windansea is definitely not for beginners, body boarders, body surfers, paddle boards, and wave skis. The wave is too limited in scope to accommodate alternate forms of surfing. A few people ride the Costco sponge boards effectively there, though they are not recommended at this spot.
There have been a long line of very good surfers from Windansea, and the club does keep the shack up and hold fund raising events. Windansea compares to any spot in the world on bigger days. Big Rock, Windansea, Middles, and Simmons have all the variety one would need to train on to surf world class waves around the world. The history of Windansea goes back for decades starting with Bob Simmons who invented the modern fiberglass surfboard, Butch who surfed Pipeline as well as anyone in the 60's, and Chris O'Rourke two time U.S. Champ. There are many visiting pros that surf Windansea and I saw Rat Boy pull off two airs in a row on the wave on a storm surf day there last season.

So for all of you surfers that put the spot down, don't bother showing up on the beach. In fact, tell your friends also not to surf Windansea. Windansea is crowded enough. Water safety is an issue at Windansea. There are many that break their necks in the womp, cuts from the rocks and reef are comman, as well as loose long boards that occasionally hit the sand that can be dangerous.

I am originally from Hawaii, and Windansea is as close to any of the South Shore waves on a good day. So all of you beginners, and intermediate surfers go surf La Jolla Shores where there is a sand bottom where you can't get hurt as easily. You will have much more fun there.

And for the idiots that put down Windansea: you are clueless. So stay away from Windansea, and you will be safe and not drown.


By Anonymous , 01-01-2008

Bunch of losers. - I went for the first time during the Summer when it was just waist high and everybody was acting ridiculous. It is perfectly fine to ride longboard at windansea, especially when it is small, but everyone tries to think ur a kook just because your riding LB. All the old timers, like 70s and 80s who practically discovered the place ride long board, of course, but these god damn young guns are a bunch of worthless pieces of shit and drop in on the old guys. Talk about disresppect. Then some punk ass local tried to tell me to leave when I didnt do anything wrong. I told him that my ancestors have lived in San Diego County since the 1860's yes the 1800's and the only people that I have to obey are the native indians to san diego. So local rich punk asses in La Jolla, learn to give some respect you no good pieces of shit. That is when I will give you respect. Oh by the way xlj, you are sooo right about pretty much everything you said, Perfect! :)

By xlj , 19-02-2007

Give Windan' a go - Surfed Windan' throughout the 80's and into the mid 90's. Caught some good waves but realized too late how the place sucks the fun out of surfing. The locals feel their protecting "their" break but the localism does nothing to keep the crowds down and ruins the fun for all the locals too. Oh, the irony is delicious.

Most localism is all bark and no bite. Never went to blows (I saw a couple of fights in a decade plus). Never had my tires slashed. Some raised voices and splashing of water in the face (LOL!). Still, who wants constant barking when out in the beautiful Pacific.

Locals know how to pick off waves and usually can out jockey you. It's actually a tricky spot to get wired. Peak rarely lines up like you think it will (tip sit deep on the inside peak and line up the palm trees). When you pick the right spot don't let them try to act like they're going to take the right when the left is better (or vice versa). They'll just fade one way to get you off the wave and then go the other. If you're not a puss don't fall for this. Get priority and take the best part of the wave. They'll bitch and moan and then do nothing. Just don't kook out.

Is Windan' a good wave? Yeah. Good surge. Nice wide open shoulders. Kelp beds keep the chop down. Picks up loads of sweel esp. souths when the rest of SD is dead flat. Check it out at least once for the experience. You may get barked at but big deal. If you want a warning of where to really watch out for localism... New Break at Sunset Cliffs. Compared to that, Windan' is a bunch of loudmouth do-nothings.

By Anonymous , 30-12-2006

joel - hey thank u for answering me! ill probably stick to the cliffs. sounds like i woundnt have to put up with anything. also people have told me the cliffs are alot better that here

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