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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Terra mar cove point

USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 19-09-2016

would be fun... - the wave is great for a talented shortboarder, but youll have to paddle faster than 100 longboarders and 20 SUPs to catch one. and youll still get cut off. sadly that describes almost every reef in north county these days

By Anonymous , 22-07-2010

Awesome-ness - I LOVE TERRA MAR POINT! I go here all of the time. The other day I surfed a little farther North at a spot called "Breams" (not breens). It was 4-5 foot sets. The paddle out was easy and there was a backwash that would make the wave shoot up and make it huge. I have never had so much fun surfing. Terra Mar point is my favorite spot. I have only had problems once here with a pink no-nose local cuz i cut him off. He cussed at me forever.

By Carlsbad flower farmer , 01-01-2009

Local? Shmocal! Roy's a farmer's boy soon to be unemployed!! - So that's where he's been going every afternoon, when I've asked him to stay late & plow the backfields, as if those dumb waves were worth losing his job over. Just because our flower farm is located off Palomar Airport rd. doesn't make Roy a local at all. He can go back to pickin' grapes in Temecula, for all I care now, that's closer to his place in Wildomar anyhow. You're fired Roy-boi!!

By Roy , 11-08-2008

local - I hit this spot up just about every weekday after work.

By tooltime , 06-07-2008

Crap Wave - This place only gets good about once a month, yeah the loc's are nice when ur not catching waves, you paddle for one of their waves and chances are your not going to catch another. Many places just south like swamis or north like tamarak have far better consistency. even though there might be more people ur gonna get more waves. just like this place says its fickle. once the tide changes its shit .if you know anything that means an hour long surfsesh before you gotta go somewhere else. an dont get me started on the kind of mushburger this wave is

By Anonymous , 26-04-2008

Nice wave, cool people - I have been surfing this spot for a few months and pretty much everyone I have seen are very nice and respectful.

By buffs4 , 14-03-2008

Living in the Past - I'm what you would call a kook and I plan on surfing this place and not worrying about "the good ole days". I grew up in Colorado and I remember back in the day before snowboarding and the crowds growing like wildflowers, not to mention the traffic. So, let's not think we are entitled to anything. The ocean is there for all of us.

By Anonymous , 18-12-2006

Terra Mar in the 70's - I have lived in Carlsbad from 1974 to present and back in the mid 70's hardly anyone surf Terra Mar back then until then longboard comeback in the 1985 then all shit broke loose(crowds) for all of Carlsbad. So to all of those who say they are locals of Terra Mar and what-not...give me a break please. Do any of you remember the days when Randy Laine, Joey Buran, David Barr, Jim Palmer and Tony Mata ruled WSA 5a? I could go on with more but there are guys who even go back further than me. Those were the days everybody knew each other.

By Terraruva , 12-11-2006

- The only locals are the guys that have a key to the gate. When they surf, they get the waves. Its simple as that. Nobody is overly aggressive, we just know where to sit and where the wave is lining up.

Anybody that has been calling the left "middles" does not live there. All the locals refer to it as "the reef". Also on a big NW across the channel from the reef is a playful right. Only breaks at low tide. It is refered to as Breens.

Also, anybody claiming to kick some ass is full of shit. I have grown up surfing here since the late 80's and never seen any fist fights. This place has always been crowded and always will be. Only the locals now how to get it by themselves. (Hint: Chargers)

By Garbageman , 24-10-2006

Egos or terramush - Ok all this about no one knowing or surfing there 5 years ago, well its been crowded for 20 years. I remember when donald t. and bingo used to give a free map there in the late 80s and early 90s when you bought a board. The only thing I can agree with is it can be fun surfing there, but more than likely it will be better furter down the road. So just remember all you guys who claim this spot and call yourselves locals, the real locals had it empty. Before the stairs, houses, and crowds, back when you could kick back with your friends smoke alittle drink alittle and share some waves with your buds. I love the spot, in fact I grew up surfing here, seen alot of change and alot of good surfing here. See you in the water.........

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