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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South mission beach

USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 29-07-2010

out of state plates - yeah watch the fat old shits in the parking lot, esp if you have out of state plates. i had to get WA plates as a result of my dad moving there and him keeping me on insurance, so they think im not local and the fat faggots waxed
'go home' on my car. cool you shit heads, you dont even surf yet youre telling me to go home? alright, ill go home to my house on windan. then i pulled in and got so radical on them and they bailed HA skanks

By , 17-04-2010

LOcals - Ya theres some dicks out there but you gotta say ***ck the locals and drop in on them for talking spit. The locals do get a bit annoying sometimes they try to distract you on a wave by screaming like a bi**h. All in all the locals are a bunch of meth addicts living in the 70's.
Ya you gatta catch thoes tweakers on the street; break there boards. Acting like surfing is gang bangin. Get shot local puntang.

By Anonymous , 23-03-2010

The fact you guys are talking means we are doing our job!!! - RIP Adrian

By Anonymous , 10-02-2010

True PB local - I have grown up in PB all of my life and have surfed the jetty a few times. The local vibe is super heavy, but the key is to paddle over to the shoulder instead of to the head of the peak. This goes for all spots- the cliffs, La Jolla reefs... My dad would not even let me surf Windnsea when I was younger because they would brake peoples boards for just trying to paddle out, regardless of where they lined up. I think these guys are taking it easy. Besides there is a sick peak in front of the lifeguard station that can sometimes get better, except with no crowd. If your respectfull and you rip, then you should be fine wherever you go. If you want to surf one of the premier spots in SD, then learn the names of the locals, be respectfull and you'll get waves. If you want to paddle straight out in front of everyone and catch the first wave that comes, then your a kook and your probably better at using a google search engine than surfing.

By Anonymous , 06-02-2010

A Warning - Attention so-called South Mission Jetty locals. I do understand and sympathize that a small penis and an underdeveloped brain has given you ape-like social skills. However, I despise negativity in the water. You're ego-driven fairy fagot attempt at intimidating you're way into ownership of the Pacific Ocean is a farce. This just in: Surfing is about having a good time and I'm the coolest guy in the water when it comes to respecting the other guy. But I hate guys like you. And that is why I have a new mission. My friends and I will be hanging at the parking lot taking notice of the locals. Some of you keep your mouths shut and thats good, but I know several others who don't. For you boys, I hope you have someone to watch you cars while your out and someone to watch your back on the street. You want localism, you got it!

By Anonymous , 21-12-2009

South Mission Jetty Locals Are Glass Smoking Losers...And Not Very Good Surfers - I surfed here consistently (at least 4 times a week) for four years while in college and the locals at South Mission Jetty are undoubtedly the biggest tools that I have ever had the displeasure of surfing with. The wave is fun as shit, easy takeoff, fun barrel section followed by a rippable rampy wall…..and then there are the locals (sigh). From my first paddle out to my last surf, these tweakers pull out all the stops. I would say that it’s as if they read the localism handbook but I’m certain that most of them are functionally illiterate…You’ll have little luck surfing this place with no locals out because most of them are drywallers without jobs. They’re pissed because they are losers and the ocean is the only place that they feel they have a bit of control over their pathetic lives. Most of them are mediocre surfers at best and not too tough…but they will not hesitate to fuck with your car and they always have buddies in the parking lot to let them know which one you pulled up in.

By Anonymous , 08-12-2009

go home - ill beat all u kooks if u try surfing here

By Anonymous , 02-04-2009

Beer please... - First of all thank you to everyone that preserves my freedom which allows me to enjoy our beautiful coasts and ocean. I have never served, but my father and many friends have, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for you guys.
I was out at this spot yesterday for the afternoon glass off & there was a hand full of surfers out w/ 3 ft lefts and yes like the other people on this page I got heckled before I caught one wave and it was not for not being a regular like many of you, which I am not a regular, but because of my yellow sponge. I was angrily told, "BOGGIE GO HOME!" which is something I have heard for many years and I truly understand the frustrations many surfers have considering most boogies hassle everyone. I didn’t intend any disrespect and really don’t have any intention to sponge there again. I can say I caught one wave there and probably shredded it better dragging my cock than any of the others that were out yesterday standing up and especially the guy with the mouth.
I think guys that claim this spot as their own really need to travel a bit to be humbled and more open minded. Your beloved jetty wave is slightly above average at best, if that, but I would not mind drinking one of your beers. Hey I think I saw someone with a New Castle, which from the comments on this page about White Inland Trash 35 year olds has got to surprise everyone. Maybe the New Castle label was glued on a Mickeys or Paps. Either way any cold beer sounds good.
Just to show how these guys should act, I invite all of you south jetty regulars or anyone else to the WEDGE in Newport for a big south and we will see how big your balls are. I can guarantee you no sponger or Wedge Crew bodysurfer, inlculding the very much respected Fred Simpson, who will size you up in 1 minute, will give you shit for paddling out, but respect, with the exception of Savoji who may kick your ass for being a dork and if you start claiming “BOOGIE GO HOME!”.
Mellow out fellas and realize life is so much more fun when you make new friends than being stuck at one spot claiming it like it is something it is not and having a really large group of people calling you a White Inland Trash and literally have zero respect for you.

By me , 23-12-2008

Locals aka travis - the only locals that talk shit is a loser named travis long dirty nappy blonde hair and a few of his meth buddies if you happen to run into him hes a pussy dont worry he will only TALK shit hes not a local either he lives with his mom inland so if you run into him just ask him where he lives and tell him to go home, the left is perfect honestly by far the best in San Diego go shred it, if your not that good just stay north about 150 yards and theres a good break there as well thats not as intense or crowded have fun

By Anonymous , 24-11-2008

- funny how the so-called "locals" at this spot all live in the valley.

maybe it's not so funny after all

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