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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 19-09-2016

- its the inland beach thanks to the 52 freeway funneling everyone east of i5 straight to shores/scripps. and that freeway keeps getting longer, crowds increase. theres like .001% of people surfing out there who actually live in la jolla. standard beach break. u want a nw windswell and light southish wind

By Alex , 15-10-2010

Go right - Good call mellow fellow, my brother calls this place the same thing (cheap weed of surfing). Works best on a high tide, and even then will still close out a ton. Crowds are too much to deal with, I stash my keys well so never had that issue with theft, but I can see it happening. Only positive is convenience, but on a lower tide, better to just hit up the La Jolla reefs.

By mellow fellow , 19-05-2006

my summary - I went to UCSD for 5 years and this is what I learned about scripps.

Don't surf here when:
-Long period swell is up (so many wonderful, better waves that are just as close)

-After it rains (kind of gross)

-winds are funky (a few exceptions but mostly wind makes this place look like indigestion)

-Its summer. (I'm sort of kidding, but the beach becomes a people mess during the summer. Angry people fighting over pathetic waves. Plus Scripps is just not able to deal with a south swell)

All that negative stuff being said, Do surf here when:
-The swell is sort of short period. ~10 seconds can work. However, usually a 10 period implies worse weather and wind but this is not always the case.

-The swell is a combo deal. Usually this occurs during the transition months between winter and summer where theres a smaller longer period south and a shorter north. I guess its true of all beach breaks that they can make some fun waves from combo swells. The best days I've had here were from combo swells. Even barrels!

-Its early and you have to go to work in two hours. Scripps is like the cheap weed of surfing. It will still get you high but you need a lot of little crappy waves. Mostly I go here just because its the most convenient for me right now. However, I have also had my wallet stolen 3 times around here. I now carry a decoy.

Thats my 2cence.

And if you live in souther california and surf, and you haven't figured out yet that its going to be crowded when you go, quit surfing. Being angry and bitter never helps anything.

By anonymous , 16-10-2005

an average break - scripps isn't the greatest, but with the right conditions you can find some nice peeling shoulders. this place has the potential to be three stars but not the frequency.

By anonymous , 12-09-2005

surprisingly - January 31st was an amazing day at scripps. Wasn't huge but real strong wind swell lit those sand bars up for some long barrels.

By anonymous , 12-09-2005

always windy here - its always going to be windy/choppy here unless everywhere else in sd is glassy

By anonymous , 12-09-2005

torrey pines bigger barrels? haha - are you kidding me you would rather surf TP as opposed to scripps. you must be on crack, you can actually make it out of a few select barrels at scripps with a limited number of guys out when it is big (head and a half/DOH+) rather then a shitty torrey pines top to bottom closeout. TP would probably max out before the pier too.

By anonymous , 17-06-2005

winter - scripps is a very good spot over the winter, when other beaches are just crap, scripps is going off

By Right Coast standards...maybe , 04-04-2005

"Regional Classic"?! - I tend to agree with most of the comments below, at least the recent ones. How this place earned three stars is beyond me. Those pictures are cropped to present an image very different from the reality. Hollow with shoulders? Think again. More of a photo spot than anything else--if you're lucky enough to have someone shooting you from the water, and you've got boards to burn, go out on a big day, pull into anything that throws and you can lie to your friends about the clean barrels you scored! Heck, submit them to Surfer and maybe they'll run because half the kooks who read those mags can't tell the difference anyway. Me, if I want heavy closeout barrels I'd rather hit up Torrey Pines. Fewer surfers, fewer stingrays...

By anonymous , 03-04-2005

- I guess like other people say, every beach has it's day, including scripps, but for the most part this break sucks. It's funny I learned to surf at Scripps and in Del Mar almost 12 years ago. Since then I've moved on to other breaks with better waves. But a few summers ago I paddled out at Scripps on my longboard in the afternoon for the first time in years, just for old time's sake, not cause the waves were good or anything but it was a nice summer afternoon glass off. For sure it was better south but I figured what the hey, time to reminisce. There were so many assholes in the water. People were screaming at each other and almost getting into fights over these shitty waves that were barely knee high. Amazing and funny. I couldn't believe it. I have surfed way heavier and more localized spots and I never saw as many arguments in the water as I did that day at Scripps. I think I was more scared that day of the angry kooks in the water than I have ever been of the reef at Big Rock!

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