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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 San elijo state beach

USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 19-09-2016

no parking - so damn hard to even find a parking spot. and every car is full of surferbros, so every spot in the whole damn campground is beyond comfortable surfing capacity even on weekdays. seems to be the spot favored by people who moved here from out of state and picked up longboarding in their 30s.

By Anonymous , 30-11-2009

Bad energy at Pipes - Have to agree with the majority of posters stating that Pipes does not have a friendly vibe. Same group of longboarders paddle for every single wave, well, not paddle since their boards should be considered small water crafts. Absolutely no respect for the sport of surfing or the fact that many people wait patiently, only to get snaked by the same group of a**hole longboarders. Bad reflection on the supposed aloha of surfing. These clowns would be lost without their gigantic boards and bad attitudes. If I see the same people hog all the waves, non stop, I drop in on them. Sorry, but after waiting for an eternity, I'm going, like it or not. The pipes locals have no respect for surfing and absolutley no integrity.

By SurfForFreedom , 26-04-2009

Longboarders Need to Wait in Line - Long boarding doesn't mean you can try and snake every wave. Give the lineup the respect it needs and don't try and be a total ass and think all waves are yours. I ride a short board and to me getting dropped in on by long boarders is bull. Everyone can get waves and if you are a die hard long boarder then go to tourmeline with the rest of them.

By Ima Poser. , 11-03-2009

Pipes Local - Don't even think about surfing here bros and bras. If the wave doesn't pummel you, me and my longboard friends will. We coulden't fight our way out of a wet paper bag alone, but, together, we're about as tough as one guy. We don't like outsiders. Go to Blacks if you want and easy wave.

By Anonymous , 09-12-2008

Spot names - I've been surfing pipes since I moved to san diego 5 years ago, but I'm totally anti-social in the water and I never ask anyone what anything is called.

Is Traps the break in front of the restroom?

Is Pipes the left just north of the bathroom in front of the lifeguard tower (that was just a cement cylinder a few years ago)? Or is it the break that is north of the path where all the thin pipes are shooting down the cliff?

Thanks in advance for not being a dick.

By Anonymous , 14-08-2008

Localism?? - I surf pipes all the time. I live in Orange County but drive to pipes every weekend.
I have yet to see an instance to localism here. The only time I saw an issue is when someone else is disrespectful. If you go out, don't drop in on people or talk shit, you will not have a problem. Just go out have fun, wait your turn, and don't be a dick and you will have a great time. There is always a great vibe in the water, and good people. I got dropped in on by some tool on a great wave...I said nothing...but as I turned around to paddle back out...the "snake" got a mouthful from a bunch of people. If you don't snake, and don't act like an ass, you will get along with everyone out there.

Needless to say, the snake left quite quickly...guess he realized this is not the spot to be an ass.

By Anonymous , 27-07-2008

This is not a safe place to bring kids - For those of you that haven't already read the above comment, this is not a place to bring your family and children. Today a kid went to the hospital due to the inexperience of a non-local. This is a surfing beach.....not for your kids to be hanging out in the water. Go North to Moonlight to keep your family safe. Also....lots of stingrays. One kid had a huge hole in the top of his foot due to a "hit" from a stingray.

By pipesDP , 05-06-2008

Re: Localism at Pipes - I surf pretty much every morning here, along with about 8-10 guys/girls that are the same every morning. even in winter. The things I see the most about new or different people coming to surf here are (1) dropping in more than once on someone is not cool, and they will let you know about it very quickly (2) The mood is very chill, even on bigger days. If you don't normally surf the main break, then move to a less crowded peak, there are 3-4 peaks within paddling distance (3) It is a thick and most times mushy wave, don't expect to get a lot outside without a longboard

By Anonymous , 19-02-2008

pipes locals suck - stumbled upon this site and noticed a bunch of commetns re: Pipes...have to put in my 2 cents...have been surfing several years (read: shortboarding) along central CA coast before heading south the relax in my older years and have never seen a more arrogant, selfish bunch of a88holes than at this place...saw this nice break and was stoked to get down there only to see the same crew of about 8-10 longboarders essentially paddle for every wave (well nto paddle since they don't have to on their mini boats)...had a close encounter with one guy who said I dropped in (I was on my feet before he was) and ended up leaving after aboput an hour of trying to deal with the bs. This crew has no respect period, not for the ocean, the sport of for people. That's the worst kind of pollution.

By sean s. , 17-02-2008

good vibe - I've surfed here alot and always walked away smiling. Can be as good as the other breaks in the area on any given day, but much friendlier vibe. Give and ye shall recieve. As for the longboarders on the outside, there's only one you have to look out for. He,s the 300 #er with the helmet on.

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