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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 14-04-2010

Gnarly wave - Very sponger dominated wave, the takeoff is often steep, hence the # of spongers out there since you really have to turn into the wave or get eaten alive by reef. Speaking of which, very surreal catching a monster and seeing the reef right under you, the landing if you eat it is very unforgiving (esp. on low tide), that's why I wouldn't take a new or expensive board there.

By Anonymous , 06-03-2010

Why Sponges Will Always Rule - I like laying on my Sponge because it gives me a feeling of comfort that no standup surfer will ever realize.

Sometimes, I like to bite my Sponge because it has the same texture as my pillow.

By Anonymous , 07-07-2009

hmm - I really dont think the posts on this board are a microcosm of the vibe here. The spongers usually ride the inside but theres probably come conflict as well.

Anyway, this wave is pretty gnarly. The line-up at Hospitals was collectively cringing watching people get swallowed over there the other day. It picks up way more waves than the other two spots next to it. The takeoffs are late and steep and the wave is fast and powerful. The left is pretty shallow. proceed with caution.

By Goo Fi Gie , 05-05-2009

spongers - I'm new to surfwave riding. You guys kept saying spongers, so, I've been treying to surf ride on a sponge for a month or so. The darn thing is too obsorbant. Soaks up water like a...sponge. Maybe I'll try a shamwow next time.

By Anonymous , 21-04-2009

Lol - ur a kook too u didn't post a name either

By Doug , 05-04-2009

Yeah Right! - You guys are ALL a bunch of pud-whackers. The spot info says mostly rights yet the photo's are all left. I drive by it every day on my way to some break on the reefs in La Jolla and I never see anyone on it. Go back to shores where you belong.

By Anonymous , 09-03-2009

hahahaha - fact of the matter is: 99% of you guys spouting off on here are nobodys. let it all out on here, i know it's frustrating when the boys are getting the set waves and you are stuck at drainpipes not getting shit. have a great day!

By Anonymous , 03-02-2009

ummmm.....OK, "anonymous" - "Scared bitch won't even post his name."

signed, Anonymous.

scared pussy-ass bitch sponger

By Anonymous , 08-01-2009

baha - Last guy posting is a pussy and a kook. He wouldn't open his mouth to any of them in a million years. I bet he can't name more than 5 people that surf horseshoe on a regular basis...... Scared bitch won't even post his name!!

By Anonymous , 02-12-2008

- "actually it doesen't (sic) matter what you ride at shoe."

Ummmm, actually it DOES. The only gomers that believe that it doesn't (correct spelling) matter what you ride at the Shoe is...yeah, you guessed it...SPONGEBOBS.

Dude, you're no local and you write like an 8-year old kid. Give it up and go back to the wave machine at Mushin' Beach.

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