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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Cortez banks

USA, California, San Diego County

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By ELITE , 23-06-2013

Very Spooky and Different - Cortes Bank is 110 Miles off San Deigo, Not 200. I have gotten towed into Cortes before and it's very different from other waves. You can expect it to be very windy and almost always choppy. Which makes this spot scary is that when your looking around, all you will see is straight blue ocean. No land or anything. Just wondering when that big set will come and scare away the sharks. Totally epic though. I HAVE seen sharks out there so you seriously have to be cautious.

By Anonymous , 30-01-2009

uhhhh.....duh - Dolphins taste like chicken

By Western Flipper XIV , 06-12-2008

Dolphin schools are the ONLY local surfers out here! - I'm so sick of the childish comments made about this spot, that I've had my buddy from Scripps Institute translate my comment for ALL of you silly humans to read, I'm talking about this after having been read these comments translated to 'dolphinese' language by my Marine biologist.
Here it is:
"Can't we all just get along, whilst stopping all of this Tom, Dick, & Harry-foolery?"

By the Man with the Kay-Gak , 12-06-2008

Really? 100' foot?! REALLY?!? - Dude, just to clarify---

was the surf 100' foot, or was it that gay paddleboard that was 100' foot?

I'm just asking...

By Anonymous , 10-06-2008

paddle board time - You guys lets get serious now. This wave is no joke and I think the only way to to paddle into it is paddle boarding. I took out my paddle board the other day and paddled into 100 ft. sets out there at cortes. It was awesome!

By looking for a 150' pit? , 20-12-2007

here's the directions, Josh - Josh, if you're looking for a 150' sick pit, I know where it is, and I'll give you directions.

1) walk approximately 100 feet to your bathroom mirror
2)drop trou
4)look in mirror

Sick pit, huh brah? Too bad it's no secret.

By , 21-05-2007

josh smiley Big balls - howzit kooks. jus surfd cortez 80/100ft. got the biggests pits of my life. found the wave is a bit gutless and am now seeking a wave in the 150ft size range. any1 no where i cuold find this?

By , 04-05-2007

Im so down to surf this spot - I have hit (or tried to hit) as many big waves as possible across the west coast, including the spots at half moon bay and Lunada, and I would be really interested in surfing this spot some day... But I do need someone to surf with who preferably has surfed this spot or someone with enough balls to go anyway. Any takers?

By long john , 21-02-2007

sweet cortez - I was there! I dropped my 7 foot stick in to the lips of cortez and my board seemed to get harder and firmer the farther I thrusted into the sweet wave. The wave seemed to moan as I dropped into her deep throat. My board and I slipped out her back side and had a cigarette! What an experience

By true blue , 29-11-2006

just another day in aussie. - Thats a preety ordinary wave, just another day at cyclopes in Australia, check it out in WA "yeah".

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