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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Boca rio

USA, California, San Diego County

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By DIEM , 20-11-2008

medium waves/bad sickness - need I say more? I went on a good day here in San Diego (clean head high grouswell, medium to low tide, light offshores)The waves were good but not amazing, Blacks, -maybe even OB- were better. AAAAANNNNDDDD, withing two days I got sick (just some weird and strong "ugh" feeling). Long story short, I won't be going back. Plus on the way back, I drove through Coronado and the waves were pretty much the same.

By Anonymous , 29-08-2008

- The Sloughs and Boc's are 2 different spots. Boc's is pretty much all the beachbreak running from the end of the road southward to the Tijuana rivermouth, which is Sloughs.

Inside Sloughs is gnarly beachbreak, until it starts getting bigger...then it breaks on a series of reefs. The bigger it gets, the further out the sets are. Not for the fainthearted.

By Deango , 31-07-2008

- Is Boca Rio the sloughs, cuz if it is it's called the Tijuana Sloughs, and don't argue with me, it's been called that since the 1930's, by the locals. May need to edit the name to TJ Sloughs, if this is the case.

By Anonymous , 22-10-2007

BARNEYS KOOKS - Stay out of IB.. The locals are serious burners with nothing to lose but everything to gain. A lot of bodyboarders that rip and VERY good stand ups. IB forsure produces some of the best barrels riders in SD from Spongers to surfers.. barrels are a part of life down here. The water quality is super poor and the vibes in the line up are alright. If youre not from there keep in mind local surfers/spongers hold it down togehter! It typical to be in the line up looking on shore seeing a surfer and sponger togehter. SO DONT BRING THAT STERIO TYPE HERE BROS OR YOU'LL HAVE THE LINE UP WAITING FOR YOU! Other then that.. try it once... dont try it twice and please wax all cars with arizona plates! ZONIS OUT!!!!! Theres POWER here with shallow sand bars that could get your neck and your board! LATES! KEEP THINGS SAFE AND TRANQUILLO!!! YOUR NOT IN MEX

By chillean , 11-10-2007

not bocs? - look at the coronado island in the background in pic #3 where else could that be buddy? youre not to bright

By Anonymous , 28-08-2007

- yeah you dont live here big internet talking...he is right about getting sick though watch it

By Anonymous , 24-08-2007

Re Holds Size Picture, pic #3 - I know where that picture is from and it is not Bocs

By Anonymous , 24-08-2007

Re: Otter - This break was never know as the Sloughs.
This beach was rated as one of the dirtiest beaches on the West Coast, US sewage pipe empties out offshore here and Tijuana sewage comes straight bown the river. No Joke have your Hep shots

By Otter , 13-04-2007

- Used to be called Tijuana Sloughs, some of the earliest San Diego surfers surfed here during big waves, truly an historic and challenging break when working. Unfortunately, check water quality reports as TJ River is sewage outfall for Tijuana

By Anonymous , 27-11-2006

IB rockin - IB is the shit. lots of mexicans, less crowds, good surf and pollution is only bad after rains. never got sick there in 2 yrs. water isnt crystal beauty like del mar or la jolla but who cares.

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