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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Blacks beach

USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 19-07-2010

just wanna surf... - what's the vibe like towards ucsd students? I always keep to myself (crowds make me nervous and uncomfortable) while surfing and avoid conflict as best as possible, I hope this will be enough to get me by at blacks. I just want to get a few waves without anyone bugging me

By mike dickerson , 02-07-2010

bigest wave - storm of 84 i was out with to twins from lajolla dont know them but sure they rember me they ere schatchin over biggest set evsr I went biggest elvator drop of all paddeled out after launching 40 ft in air out back there quote to me was wecant belive you made it if you are one of twins from laholla please respond biggest day ever

By Anonymous , 06-06-2010

- Pound for pound, blacks is one of the heaviest and arguably the best beach break in California

By Anonymous , 22-05-2010

Suprise - Good place to get your salad tossed.

By Anonymous , 11-02-2010

"anonymous is nuts" - just replying to the one like 3 comments ago? i agree with you totally, i was there on thanksgiving weekend and i went over the falls of a 25 foot face, almost stopped trying to swim back up thought i was going to die, broke my board in 3 and ruptured my ankle. no kooks its already crowded as hell, i can only get 5 or 6 waves on a big day 4 hour session

By CT , 19-12-2009

Great winter beach - Grew up here, La Jolla Shores, Hospitals, Wind and Sea. Black's just rocks in the Winter; 20 foot faces, past vert long elevator rides where your stomach ends up where your brain should be. Paddle hard to climb over the lip because not getting lined up is a killer for a beach break! PS Make sure to catch a rip going back out to sea and get there as fast as you can. 2-3 rides max on a big day...Enjoy!

By Anonymous , 22-10-2009

Seaside Oregon - I've seen Seaside it is indeed an awesome wave and if it hold its size im sure its as good or better than blacks. the locals are not friendly though i had a 12 year old kid give me the finger just for looking at the spot. he told me not to tell my friends about the waves there. i didn't even have a board with me I was just walking on the beach. I told not to worry since the water temp is 48 degrees in august and I'm a San Diego native my friends and I wouldn't be crowding his spot too soon. LOL

By Anonymous , 22-09-2009

Anonymous is Nuts - Your Oregon break has nothing on Blacks. Deep water canyon pushes in monsters like this. Welcome to the real blacks. I've almost dies there twice. Both times during El Nino whne there was 20 ft+ days there. Once it gets over 12 foot the lineup clears out because it gets HEAVY!

By Anonymous , 09-08-2009

Seaside Point in Seaside Oregon is Better! - While you kooks are grovelling around at Blacks with 100 guys out trying to get one or two waves during a two hour session, we're here in Seaside, Oregon, surfing the point in Fall/Winter, 3 foot to 15 foot and, most of the time, PERFECT Barrelling waves with 15 guys out when it's 'crowded.' Don't believe me? Just go to Google>video and type 'Seaside Point Surf' Our point RULES and SoCal is for kooks that have never even been to the North Shore of Oahu nevermind YOUR OWN NORTH SHORE....THE NORTH OREGON COAST!!!ca

By Anonymous , 18-06-2009

SEASIDE POINT IS BETTER - Here is proof of Seaside Point in Seaside, Oregon's superiority:

That is a little 'appetizer.' You can also check out some pretty sick photos of the place on this site. COLD WATER INDO!!! Cali sucks.

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