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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Big rock

USA, California, San Diego County

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By Anonymous , 19-09-2016

born and raised here, walked or biked to br... - surfed it a ton 80s and 90s. but it was already plenty crowded back then. havent been back for like 15 years now. by then it was crowded even on small days and too low of tides, 7 days a week. its gotta be a major zoo now. i miss the wave, not the crowds.

By nick , 07-08-2009

On Locals. By a Local. - I grew up in LJ. My parents grew up in LJ. Their parents grew up in LJ and Mission Beach. And we've been fishing and surfing these waters for the last 60 years. Even my mom surfs here when it's not too big. That's about as local as it gets. And the truth is that the biggest "local" hasslers aren't usually all that local. Usually they're just posers and arrivistes trying to front and look hard in front of their buddies. Be chilled. Show respect and surf wherever you like. But be a dick, drop in, or be a chatty irritant and get vibed/hassled as you deserve to be. That's pretty much universal and not exclusive to Big Rock or any of the reefs around Windansea.

By Anonymous , 18-05-2009

white shark - saw one out their the other day didnt bother me cuase if an attack is gonna happen its gonna be somewhere else more than likely

By Anonymous , 05-04-2009

Greate Session Yesterday! - In the water at 6:30am there was a small crew of 4 at the time it grew to about 10 of us. Had some great rides. Love the steep drops and bottom turn. The bottom turn can be a little rough at times and what can you say about that tube! The crew changed up at around 9:30 or 10. The early crew were a slightly older and the late crew were definitely younger. All could surf well. Completely different vibe between them and both were Cali layed back. If you don't know what you're doing or are not a seasoned surfer then you really don't belong here. You WILL get worked but and not by the locals. They are smart enought to let you get punished by the wave or the reef If you're lucky enough to get lined up right.

By Anonymous , 02-04-2009

The Monsters Back - Big Rock lost it's core when all the real locals bailed - Ron, Greg, Roper, George, Phil, Peter and the Bald Blunder to name a few. You all can have it.....

By Anonymous , 12-12-2008

Tony - wow....
you are all insane. there is nothing "hardcore" about coastal San Diego. localism is stupid. no on will ever intimidate me off a spot.

By Anonymous , 27-10-2008

Localism sucks!!!!!!!! - Between the localism at Windansea and Big Rock you might as well just join the CT if your such bad ass surfers. All we need is respect in the water. Remeber nobody owns it.

By Deango , 25-09-2008

Loco Locals - I agree with the guy about rich bitch locals. Let me drop the scenario to the bunch of you who are offended. You get these over the top rich ass hole families from somewhere back east. They move to La Jolla right? A couple of years down the road, if that, these assholes start thinking their big time, and their shit dont stink. They start calling themselves "locals". So they go down to the local breaks where they surf and start upsetting any surfers that they don't recognize as a local. This is the problem that I have with the asshole locals to La Jolla. Now granted not all locals are jerks, but there is always some local in the water that will make your experience horrible. So the reality of the situation. My ancestors have lived in San Diego for the last 140 years. I dont need some rich fucker who has lived here for less than a decade giving me shit. Sounds reasonable to me. I like to think that locals are anyone who has lived in San Diego county for their entire life. I dont care if your from Anza Borrego desert or from Imperial Beach you should be able to surf anywhere in San Diego that you want. You surf in and around the area where you were born and you shouldnt get shit. So if you dont want comments like mine or the guy that posted a comment before me, than start treating the TRUE Locals nicely. SD pride!

By Anonymous , 03-08-2008

rich faggot - I posted it and i will fuck any local up so go kill yourself

By Anonymous , 11-07-2008

who posted rich lajollans comment - say that to a local.
you will get fucked up and wont catch any waves

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