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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, SF Marin

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By Pucker Barrell , 12-08-2009

"Taravals" - Editors. Taraval is not a real surf spot, always tide-drained, swirly mess. People can see your car from the highways, so surfing is claimed. Really, i'm not gay, but the best bj i've ever gotten was from a small, balding man. Closing my eyes, it was Jenna with sandpaper strips abover her lips. No holding back! You don't have to be queer to feel that good. Face flushed, ultra-calm-"hun, Taraval's was good to me again. Don't worry about your promise tonight, I'm going to bed". Lot's of people feel this is a gay amnesty zone, so the more the better.

By anonymous , 19-01-2006

- Show the Love man.. Its the Taraval Way.... About all the trannies up here... I hardly doubt that one any day of the year you can't find a peak all to yourself at OB. There so much room.......

By anonymous , 27-08-2005

The meaner locals moved into the bay... - Seal Rock used to have tons of sea lions, which means, literally, tons of Great White Sharks. However, the sea lions have decided to move in at the boat harbor, and take over a bunch of docs. I hope the Whites went with them...
Both of the above are by far the meanest locals at SF.

By anonymous , 25-06-2004

thanks sean - checked out the bathroom (bathhouse) at Taraval... the boyz send their love and miss your sweet moves

By The kind folks at Surfline , 01-06-2004

Taraval - Hope you like our south Ocean Beach cam - it is mounted on the Pirate House at Taraval and the Great Highway. This is a noted hotspot. Be sure to check out the super clean mens room at the Taraval Bathhouse, especially after hours. Tell them Sean Collins sent you.

By anonymous , 17-09-2003

no title - Taraval-like the other peaks at OB can get good when the conditions are right. And when they are-surfing talks and kooks gawk

By anonymous , 29-04-2003

meaner locals than SC ??? - Whoever wrote

Crowded as hell and really mean locals, watch out!! safer to go to Pacifica or Santa Cruz

I grew up in SC and now live in the outer sunset. I can tell you the locals here are way cooler. Santa Cruz has that wannabe baywatch slater ripper additudes who think they are godlike. It's the more LA like than any other spot in the bay area. Lots of punk ass kids who dress like thier posing for a surfer mag fasion ad. Don't mean to rip on SC ... it is my hometown and I plan to go back someday

But I gotta say OB is way way more kick back. Heck you can be unknown and just go chill in any of the local surf shops drink a beer shoot shit whatever. ppl are cool in the water too.

my .02$

By anonymous , 13-03-2003

Big but Crowded - This is where it gets crowded by actual surfers when it's big and clean. Still get waves though if you keep paddling to stay on or around the peak. Only good a couple days a season just like the other twenty million shifting sand bars.

By anonymous , 05-11-2002

no title - yeah Taraval can get really good and epic. Hit or miss though like the rest of the beach. Gotta live here to get it good regularly.

By BM , 04-11-2002

Sharky - Lots of men in grey suits. My friend got bumped there two weeks ago.

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