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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, SF Marin

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By Anonymous , 09-03-2010

Localism - The locals that surf RCA are FAR from SUV driving moms out here either + that guys story is wrong, cant even drive to the beach let alone see it from the road...Super tidal and fickle, your not going score it unless you know a local. If you do go out there, dont bring any friends or a long board and you might get some waves depending on whos out. If your a WILL get heckled out of the water and your car WILL get trashed...

By Anonymous , 12-01-2010

I heard a story - A story about some boys at rca burning and taunting a man to the point of pissing him off enough to want to fight. 3 boys, vs one guy. Anyway after calling them to the beach for a pounding, none of the boys would go in. Our hero decides to paddle back out and deliver a beating at sea, but when he gets close to boy no. 1 he's crying and telling his friends to call the police. The man, being a reasonable person, realizes the absurdity of this situation and drops it. the three boys paddle in, followed closely by a man who doesn't want to have his valve cores removed, the three stare at each other, change quickly, hop in mommy's SUV and speed away.

moral of the story, yes, the "locals" are pussies. I've surfed and shared waves with many of the men that surf up there, and have never had a problem. Entitled rich kids on the other hand... You guys should stick around after letting the air out of folks tires next time, see how that goes for you.

By dspeirn , 21-11-2008

don't come here - there are many other spots on this coastline, and there is no point for all you out of town kooks or rippers to some here. the benefit is al right waves and the risk is having your car towed because the valve stem cores will be gone. don't come here the locals aren't as pussy as you think.

By Anonymous , 05-09-2008

Girls - whats up with the girls at rca? last time i was there two were in the water, splitting peaks or air dropping closeouts. they surf like wild animals! almost got hit in the head by one of them

By Anonymous , 02-08-2006

Sharks - Growing up in P.R., I used to surf here quite a bit in the 80's. Lot's of good shark stories. Remember Breakout Magazine? There was a good RCA shark story by photographer Chris Klopf. I'm sure the stories were all just fake to keep people away....everyone knows there are no sharks up here.

By Anonymous , 19-06-2006

locals - respect the locals and they still wont respect you if you show up ou thtere. who the hell callin them nit wit locals?

By Dookie Boy , 15-03-2006

Real Norcal surfing - This place isent as hard to get to as people say.The trail isent that bad, a little narrow and is 10min max. Be carefull when getting in the water!!

By a not from marin fisherman , 28-01-2006

2pt access - easiest is to get dropped off by boat - but watch out where you anchor, be safe. we're going to try roping down from a spot in the cliffs we found. sometimes the adventure is as good as the ride, huh ?

By gay blade in heat , 28-01-2006

surfer dudes are awesome - I love watching you boys change into and out of your wet suits.

By anonymous , 31-12-2005

kooks - i hate longboarders. if you think your so good, why not shortboard. oh, and why not freaking make a public anouncement about all the secret surf spots in the world that way more kooks can come and crash the fun. YAY!

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