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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Pedro point

USA, California, SF Marin

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By Anonymous , 23-02-2008

Surfable about 5 times a year...... - I've lived on the point for 10 years and see it regularly. It's kind of funny watching people try to surf it. I guess due to crowd pressure more and more people are heading out there on super marginal days. It's mainly a big deceptive ball of white water, people drop in ....go 10 feet and the wave dies out in the deep water. Once or twice a year it will line up right, be the right size, right wind and be good but on those few days the crowd gets on it since it's so exposed. The place can't hold that many people either since it's such a small, weird mush ball takeoff. Go check'll see.

By Kawika , 05-12-2007

12-04-07 (big swell 21@19) - Wow, I was looking at the surf all over the place this day, and the only rideable spot was out at Pedro Point. Massive lines were coming in from a mile out into Lindy at a weird angle (traveling northward). It wasn't rideable or good anywhere, but at PP, there were huge lefts coming through that were just clean, and beautiful. It looked like 2nd reef Pipe (grew up in Oahu). No one out there, and after hearing about the GW's, I don't think i'll ever chance the spot.

By BB , 08-06-2006

Spooked. - Lived in Shelter Cove (private beach on Southern lee of the point) for a year in 91/92. Rented from Jim Tellegan...he use to walk around the property with a 12 gauge. The cottages were used as brothels during prohibition. Some far out history. Tellagan froze to death in a hunting accident...dont know who runs the cottages or property anymore. Surfed the Point maybe half a dozen times. Its pretty heavy. One time I paddled from the cove around the point when it was flat. Something lifted me about 4 feet out of the water for long enough to make eye contact to with my buddy...then fell back to sea level in a big "footprint" and swirling water. Hauled ass to the beach where several people said they saw me get lifted out of the water as it was displaced...Pedro?

By Jeff Crawford , 30-12-2005

NOT VERY GOOD - Since we've been having huge swells, and south winds, I've been checking this spot. No one is out, and, it's never any good. When is it ever a surf spot?

By anonymous , 31-07-2005

Mr Pedro - I only have this to say,Rocks ,Rocks oh and More ROCKS ....Also...DONT FALL .gOoD lUcK!=)

By anonymous , 31-03-2004

Not in SF-Marin - This spot is in San Mateo County, not SF-Marin

By shark! , 10-03-2004

sharky - I have little doubt about the rumors of pedro the great white. I once had a scuba instructor who, after nearly 40 years of scuba diving, had seen two great white sharks. One was near the Farralons, the other was at pedro's.

By anonymous , 13-01-2004

Weird, heavy, occasionally classic - Not a particularly friendly spot especially to non-locals.

The guys who surf this place regularly have this place pretty dialed. It is hard to get positioned right and to read which waves are going to be makeable or not.

The takeoff is tricky but once/if you make the drop there are some classic winding point/reef lefts. If you do fall, especially on the takeoff, say some prayers. There are rocks everywhere. And it is a long way from help.

By anonymous , 26-08-2003

Don't even think about it. - This place is so heavy. In doesn't work until it's 2X overhead plus. It is a make or die type of wave. There are rocks everywhere. They pop up in the face of the wave as you are surfing it. If you fall or get caught inside your going to get driven through the rocks. There is so much water moving around on the big days it is nearly impossible to stay in the take off spot.

By jon , 25-05-2003

Interesting wave - This place is strange. For some reason, the water is always about 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the area. People think there is an underwater geothermal vent nearby that heats the water up a bit. It is weird to be out there and feel the warm spots. It isn't good for sharks either.

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