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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, SF Marin

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By Spencer Tracy fans , 16-01-2009

"The Old Man & The Sea" was a classic film of his! - I 'heart' all Spencer Tracy films!!

By Anonymous , 04-05-2008

I don't care what anyone thinks - I spent this last winter surfing at pacifica, and it had some pretty good days. this is a fun spot, and it does get plenty of winter juice, despite what people on this site say about it. Not great waves, but it has its days. In fact,there are no great waves around here, so this stupid pissing contest people have about these spots really amounts to a load of nonsense. and to the guy who drives to taco bell - go somewhere else. taco bell sucks.

By gretchen , 08-03-2008

- i love looking for surf in this area, i come down from SF and see it pumping so i pull over and surf most of the time its heavy and good and im by myself. then i head south for like two minutes and stop at Tbell for a snack and watch 300 people battle for waves a couple of the surfers arent half bad. Why not drive literally like 2 minutes north and get good waves that have serious barrel/broken board potential. its not like a secret or does pacifica stand for pussy

By Anonymous , 15-02-2007

LINDA MUSH........... - YEA....

By happy camper , 09-12-2006

this BLOWS - I would rather surf $hitty waves than surf with $hitty people. the amount of negativity, whining, hating, etc., that goes on on this site is truly astounding. It's hard for me to believe that any of you actually surf, because when I surf, I walk out of the water a happy, mellow, peaceful man. You all just sound like a bunch of angry kids--which I suppose is probably what you are.

I have surfed LM for years, not because it's great--although earlier this week it was unbelievable--but because it's convenient, and it helps me get a good start to my day. Any day that begins with a 2-hour session is a GOOD day as far as I'm concerned. I guess if you're a spoiled little beach brat, you wouldn't know that yet. I have never encountered any attitude at LM, until one day in early November. Lo and behold, it was a school holiday, so all the kids were out there. These two kids spent the entire morning snaking other people's waves and then accusing THEM of dropping in on them. LAME.

A few final words:

(1) try to be less of a dick while you're young, because in a few years you will likely (hopefully) grow out of it and you'll be embarassed of how you treated other people.

(2) unless you are getting paid, surfing is not a competitive sport.

(3) If you are SO f-ing good, what the hell are you doing at Linda Mar?

(4) Newsflash: YOU were once a beginner.

(5) breathe. surf. love. CHILL. life is good folks. we have it reeeeeal good around here. remember that.


By anon , 20-09-2006

Linda Mar Beach Days - Enjoyed reading people's comments about Linda Mar/Pedro Beach.

Have to agree,it seems to be rarely any good and has been that way for quite a few years. But oh, once upon a time it was pretty damn good( long board and short boards. A training ground for a lot of hot surfers; even up to today: the legendary Dick Keating lives at a house at the Boat Docks ( 63 years old and in the same league as Fred Van Dyke and Stu Fredericks; still ripping after all these years. Gordon"Flash" Guptil, who had the ability to surf every bit as good as David Nuhiwwaa; Arron Wright, U.S. Jr Champ back in 1976. learned to surf here and still lives here. Shawn Rhodes of Maverick's reknown, born and raised at one of the cottages at the South corner. Could go on and on.

Think the breaks started to get really sloppy during the 90's. Some idiot used a bull dozer at low tide to clear rocks down by the boat dock. Screwed that break up pretty good and affected the rest of the beach in the process. Now, the Army Corp of Engineers has returned Linda Mar Creek to it's 1912 width and course. Don't think the sand is building up the bottom like it used to. Probably lots of other factors have contributed to it's decline as well.

Local attitudes? Yea, a lot of skin-head neo-nazi types. Not all are from Pacifica. Just like anywhere, the sport draws it's fair share of weirdos.

Probably biggest drawback aside from every/any day crowds is the 'potential for theft' factor. Been a few guys around riding bicycles yakking on their cell phones. If something looks good they pass the info on to their friends and your car gets hit before you even get a foot in the water. So don't take a lot of cash or any valuables to Linda Mar. If you drive a BMW or anything fancy, splurge a few bucks and buy an old beach clunker. Otherwise you're just asking to get robbed.

By biddie bye bye , 06-09-2006

Pacifica Locals Suck - Hey, locals--
You guys MUST have a better longboarding break than this to call your 'home turf' and strut around all cool and jive-like dissing other beginner surfers wither lesser 'style' than you. You guys are pitiful and I'm glad I can walk out my front door almost anywhere in SLO County and find my own break 10x better than that crap for toting the log.

By kalina , 15-08-2006

break - the break looks pretty nice over the water, but how is the wind break up there? cause I'm a surfer from the san diego area.

By anonymous , 29-04-2006

this is Linda Mar - To the butt prober who wrote the narrative, your summary is of Linda Mar.
If you mean Pacifica in general,the you better break it down to Sharp Park/Pier,
Rockaway,Linda Mar ,ass nose.

By anonymous , 24-01-2006

am i splitting hairs? - ok, pacifica and linda mar are different spots, right? one has beginners, the other a pier? the shorebreak near the pier can be intimidating (as are other methods of entry). this spot's named pacifica, but the pics are of linda mar?

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