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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 North potato patch

USA, California, SF Marin

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By Jawman"Whitey"Gulper , 26-08-2009

What food chain? What red triangle? - No buddy ever taught me or my great finned locals that mere humans could catch us & eat us for supper. We just eat anytime we want, & enjoy surfer-snacks as treats between feeding frenzies. Wanna join our next picnic? Southers, newcomers, Deadman's & Bo-Stin's boys are all being equally welcomed with open jaws as I'm texting this IM.

By EP , 30-11-2008

Correction #2 - oops! Photo appears to be by Sean McLeod... Shaka to him! Now lets see some guys tow it! This place looks exceedingly thrilling.

By Exp Pipe , 30-11-2008

Sorry, correction... - 100 foot wave photo is by Chris Paretich - mahalo, and let's see more!

By Experience Pipeline , 30-11-2008

100 foot wave photographed - That new photo from 'Craig' I think it was shows a wave nearing or reaching 100 foot. Nice pic! This place gets 100 faces easy. I wonder if anyone will ever attempt it again?

By The Great Pumpkin , 24-07-2008

I'll surf it this Halloween - Dude, isn't this the same place where Linus and Charlie Brown hang out to wait for The Great Pumpkin?

Oh, wait a minute...that's the Pumpkin Patch. Never mind.

If this place is the gopher's nutz, then howzabout posting at least ONE decent pic of this place firing. Otherwise, fugeddaboudit.

By Anonymous , 16-01-2008

Ze Patch ( Four Fathom Shoal) - I watched up close from Pt. Bonita on Dec. 4, 2007 while guys were towing 60 footers at Mavericks. Huge shifting peaks extending for miles. It's big alright, but not worth the effort. Even for the tow-in guys considering Mavericks and now Ghost Tree off Pebble Beach are nearby and overall, better waves. The south patch off Ocean Beach is supposed to be occasionally good, if you can paddle to it!

By Gavin M. Blair , 14-01-2008

Amazing: - I saw this place breaking yesterday (January 13, 2007) on a big winter swell. There were HUGE clean rolling faces breaking with massive spray from the off shore winds. This place is surfable but most likely by tow-in. Furthermore, the rides yesterday would have easily been over a 200 - 300 yards.

If anyone can surf this place on a big winter swell and provide photos they would have massive publicity and be the new big wave pioneer. This place is real, it’s dangerous, and Doc quoted it best as the “Devil’s Play Ground”. Yet, this can be someone’s serious claim to fame and become the next Jeff Clark of Mavericks.

By Gene , 13-09-2007

Spuds McFrenzie - Body-surfed it before most of you wimps were even born, just waved at the tankers as I passed them by. Piece of cake... now get on out there!

By Anonymous , 06-09-2006

Just Do It Nike Campaign - Nike should sponsor a campaign 'Just to It' to ride the Potato Patch at its biggest in winter 2006, despite allegations by San Francisco-based big wave rider Doc Rennecker that that place was fickle and unrideable. Just do it!

By Tribaleye , 11-07-2006

SF's very own todos - during last january, on the biggest day I saw all year, I was watching cron, scared shitless, when I saw this beast going off, It seems to peel for days, in open water too, truly unreal!

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