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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, SF Marin

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By , 25-01-2006

kelly's cove and sloat the best anyway - my car got broken into again here at Pachecho St. for the third time this year. I even had an alarm on this one and nobody seemed to pay any attention as 'whoever' cleaned it out with my wallet, stereo, paperwork and cd's. They even took off with my clothes and car keys so I was totally screwed. All that for mushy, blown out crap and ten guys on a peak after a 45 min. paddle out.
The day before I had two sessions on the same swell, one at Kelly's and one at Sloat, both perfect and a much easier paddle. Even the crowd was friendlier, especially at first parking lot Kelly's. Guys were just giving me perfect waves.
Take my advice, skip the middle. The surf's at the ends.

By , 09-09-2004

juicy on labor day - surf was alright, some sets coming through untouched. but the women oh they were smokin.

By The kind folks at Surfpulse , 25-02-2004

Consistency - This is why I set up the Surfpulse camera right over the Noriega Street intersection. That way all the westside boyz can see when it is breaking in front of my apartment, and come join in the fun!

By , 15-02-2004

Noriega Street Perfection - Noriega Street is consistant more like 200 days a year, but last time I surfed it there was a dirty homeless couple from an encampment in the dunes stealing my tires and radio. When I tried to stop them, they beat me down in the street and took turns anally probing me. I'm still walking funny, but the waves were great.
-ian wallace

By Seanski , 07-10-2003

Urban Perfection - To those of you who live in the city its no mystery
Ocean Beach provides surreal enlightenment, perfection appearing for a few hours only to vanish into an angry maelstrom of violence, leaving the lucky speachless.
To those of you who make the drive from points East, catching one of these random happenings is all the sweeter.

To those who arent in the know, The Real Ocean beach lies between the parking lots, beyond the dunes, ready to warp your imagination, and elevate your concept of reality.

Soul Surfing..........Pura Vida

By anonymous , 17-09-2003

no title - OB can be summed up into one spot...I surfed the Beach today. OB is the only beach in SF other than Baker which isn't good for surfing, and North Beach is a district. So rather than naming every peak or offering your opinion on a spot that you think is always 2 feet bigger-catch a clue and live here a little longer before you offer any info

By a longtime loc , 17-06-2003

Noreiga bigger than the rest of OB? - Are you sure about that? Including Taraval? Or how about a south swell at Kelly's? Dude, you must be new to these parts. Before you add your OB spots to this website, get to know the Beach better, the WHOLE beach! And relax, it's just surfing and fun. Don't get all vibey...

By anonymous , 16-06-2003

FUCKYOUKOOK! - Noriega is always 2 feet bigger then the rest of the OB.

By or is it Noriga Street, California? , 13-06-2003

Dude, is this like OB, or what? - Noriega Street, dude? Right next to Ortega Street? Dude, like, should we name every block along OB as a separate wave, or what? If you are going to dice up OB, the logical way is, from north to south: Kelly's, Fulton, VFW's, Lincoln, Judah, Pacheco, Taraval, Sloat, 3-bowls, and the cliffs. Wait! DUDES! I just thought of something! We can name all of the northside breaks according to the Avenues, too! All 48 of em!

By anonymous , 11-06-2003

no title - needlessly repetative. see Ocean Beach post, all the same info applies.

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