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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Fort cronkite rodeo beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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By Anonymous , 01-06-2010

Worst wave around - Cron isn't even a real surf spot. It is a stupid close-out that get D- contions when OB is A+. I started surfing there in 1985 because I had no other options, and still had regretable sessions out there until about 10 years ago when I figured I should cut my loses. Awful wave, and south Marin surfers are 95% rich-boy, no-count wankers. The locals are like battered women that just can't seem to get away from there horrible wife-beating husbands so they keep returning to that shitty wave.

It's a freezing cold, windy, junky close-out that breaks about 20' off an ugly beach. Anywhere is better than Cronkite. The place is a joke.

By 707westy , 30-01-2010

Chronny - No there is not too much localism, just give up a few if you're hoggin' or what not. This place really is not that good anyway. I know the description says it picks up more south than OB but that isn't true and it's just as crowded as Kelly's(very north OB) on on a south swell. Usually just a short dumpy wave, enjoy a hike and give up a few waves if visitting and you'll be stoked. I live in Sonoma County and no one drives south to get here unless they've taken the family somewhere and then just for fun. Smiles :)

By Carcharodon"Forty"Carcharias-Cronkite , 26-08-2009

RIP Walter Cronkite, the former greatest news anchor. - My Papi used to tell me, "Son you will weigh-in at approx. 40hundred lbs. one day, & then you will become the world's greatest news anchor!" That's how I got my nickname, & now that I am indeed all that here's the latest-breaking "Forty" news:
I may live under your roof, but as long your@Rodeo.beach you're living under my rules, any questions?

By Anonymous , 14-05-2009

hilarious - hilarious comments here. if anyone tried to localize out there i would laugh and laugh. they must be from the east coast or something. anyone who is a die hard cronkhite local is either a barney or theyre just clueless. cron is just a fun leftover spot for when the spring and summer winds destroy everything else...

despite all that, its a beautiful beach and i've had many fun sessions there.

By jbw4600 , 15-04-2009

There is no localism at Cronkite - I surf Cronkite all the time. There is no more "localism there than anywhere else. Just like anywhere else, if your are good to ride the wave and are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time you get the wave. The only tension you will experience is if you cut someone off. The ocean is free. If you think otherwise then are part of problem and not part of the solution

By Anonymous , 05-12-2008

Dudes from Hawaii surf Cron- sweet - i never new there was a blog about cronkite. but now i do and thats awsome. so I figured out that i would like to become a cronny local, but if you got the hookup in hawaii then im down forsure. Whats airfare looking like? and what island are you on? We should definately hang out. Also if you could advise me on who the big guys are in hawaii besides you, would like to know, just so i can climb the latter faster. I think im in my prime- so im gona try and reach the top sooner then later- you know what i mean. Also does anyone know of any dudes in Australia? i would like to get into that scene also. Thanks for being cool

By Anonymous , 06-11-2008

Delusional Just learn the rules and surf somewhere else - I dont understand people's mentality here, funny, because i was born here and have never seemed to fit into the mind set in this area. Ive surfed around the world but mostly in the mecca(hawaii) with my family that lives there. Surfing Cronkite since i was a kid ive seen waves of different attitudes polluting a fun spot. Lately its been the "its everyones ocean/you dont own these waves" attitude, I can assure you that it is everyones ocean, except yours, so mahalo for being here, now fuck off. Let me ask this, would you tell a local at Pipeline its your ocean too? didnt think so, if you werent laughed out of the water youd have your face blasted by a big Hawaiin fist. A friend showed me this site to bring to my attention that my name was mentioned in a recent comment (Im the "angry" one). I dont appreciate this because it was a judgement on my character by someone who does not know me, nor do I know them. What I do know is that people on this site posting comments because they are not welcome at a surf spot/got their feelings hurt takes barney to a whole new dimension. Point being, everyone!!! needs to take a step back and learn from mistakes.

By Anonymous , 30-10-2008

- Cron is a pretty neat spot-- Spunger Sammy is my hero-- and spunger Art is my father. Oh and that Mexican Morgan is my friend.. Also Nate m's girlfriend Kelsy is hot- to young for him but cute forsure. I hope this comment comes out anonymous- or im in trouble
Icecream Lappard—is angry, front foot Jeff- cool guy, Kyle C—probably should get a job—Shapiro is my floating hero, Jake C- pretty dang nasty but has a chip on his shoulder, Gulick brothers—loud and only one of them can surf, Duffy—don’t want to fight him or his bald head, Hawaii Mike- full of awesome stories about pipe,

Yeah Cron guys are pretty darn neat—but still—im a larkspur landing local—don’t catch my ferry wave

By TD , 16-10-2008

No need to clump like cheerios in a cereal bowl - I wish to remain nameless but I am certainly one of the best surfers out there on a regular basis. I really don't care about newcomers or visitors. What really drives me nuts though, is when people flock to the one zone that I'm surfing with maybe a few of my local buddies. Just because we may make it look good does not mean it will be good for you too. If you are not a local or very experienced stay away from the point zone and surf down the beach. If you practice and come there enough you may earn a place but simply paddling out and jockeying/annoying way more experienced surfers will not earn you points. One more thing: DO NOT paddle on the shoulder of a wave somebody is already on (making sure they don't fall), even if you pull back you are pushing down sections that would not be there and thus prematurely making the wave closeout.....That rant was much needed

By Anonymous , 15-08-2008

General wave comments - Well I've been surfing cron for only about 2 months but have been going 4-5 days a week. This wave is definitely quite fun, it is a short but intense ride. During the summer this place picks up the south swells nicely so it is my favorite place to go to, not to mention that it is the closest place to my house.
I haven't seen any bad attitude from locals but it has almost never been crowded here these past weeks.
When its very windy, and your desperate to go out cron will be blown out but it is still relatively surfable (don't expect good rides).
Overall this is a fun, short and powerfull wave. It is not a beginner's wave as it becomes way too steep and is to strong, if you are learning I would recommend Bolinas or Stinson (after you have been surfing at least 10 times).

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