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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 El granada

USA, California, SF Marin

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By Anonymous , 03-10-2008

its a jetty. ITS A JETTY. - if you don't know what that translates to you're already lost without a map. it goes off about 2 times every 3 years if we're lucky, and your chances of being there on that day are infinitesimal. it is otherwise a mediocre wedge full of kooks and groms. most of us are happy it is here, because it gives the local surf-schools someplace to take the kuks. north winds blow side/off here, so if you're looking for a place to snag a few waves on a blown-out spring day, its worth checking. otherwise, unless you live here and can nail it when its on, forget about it. if there's a storm or any remnant of one, don't even bother driving to it, as prevailing s/sw storm winds here tear it up.

By Anonymous , 20-02-2007

- HEY HEY whoever claims to be a thrice-pumping, raised truck gas wasting, air polluting, small wave pussy like all of you "locals" here are, then you're probably the biggest laugh in Norcal and it's time you clowns might be good enough now to take the next giant step to linda mar.

By , 15-12-2005

Main Peak Not for Beginners - That main peak gets crowded really easy due to its narrow nature. Unless you can handle steep drops and crowds stay away. The locals are getting pissy these days with good reason! A lot of beginners with no wave sense or surf ettiquette are going for the main peak which is way more advanced than they can handle. They don't know where the wave is coming from or where it's going and don't angle their takeoffs accordingly. Blindly paddling for anything that comes along is not going to make any friends for you. They then proceed to at the very least get in the way on nearly every takeoff. Some drop on waves they can't handle and boards go flying every which way causing physical injuries and damage to other people and their boards. I get pretty grumpy too when someone runs me over and dings my board! Look around, left right, slightly behind you, definitely in front of you. Good surfers can pick the path to take before they're on the wave. If you're a beinner make an honest assessment of your skills and go to the break consistent with your skill level. I'm a fairly good surfer and if I blow 3 drops in a row at main peak it's not for me that day. The sand bars down the beach aren't the best waves in the world but at least there you're not blowing it for those who know what to do with good waves. I love you but please stop threatening me with your surfboard! Fins are sharp and boards are hard! As with any sport you have to pay your dues in the minors before you can play with the pros.

By Dave , 15-05-2005

shhh.... stop telling everyone - It is going to get crowded the closer we get to Summer. Then every little grom, wanna-be pro, and their Granny will be there. Granny does surf! Share the location and conditions with a couple of friends not the world. While I have used these sites myself I do feel just a wee bit guilty doing so. It used to be if you found a good spot you'd go there a few times, make sure to pass a few good waves to the locals and say you're still checking out the break. Maybe then take a couple good waves, get known as that guy not from around here but pretty cool, slowly gain acceptance by the locals and be able to bring a friend next time. Now a lot people just descend on a new beach, start poaching waves, getting in the way, and generally being a nuiscence. No wonder the locals get upset!

By anonymous , 31-03-2004

Not in SF-Marin - This spot is in San Mateo county, not SF-Marin

By go have fun , 10-03-2004

message for gabe - you should try linda mar in pacifica. It's the beach w/ taco bell and the waves get smaller and smaller the furthewr south you are in the water, letting you choose which size waves you want to try regardless of swell size. it is the perfect beginners break.

By anonymous , 19-01-2004

Gabe - I am gonna begin surfing so I need to know if The Granada is the best place to start. From what I read it seems like people try to dominate the waves and "own" them which cause trouble. I am looking to have fun, I don't want to fight anyone, but I do not take well when tempted. Are there any punks in that area that I should know about.

By OBK , 04-01-2003

sweet - this place can throw up a wedge if there is a good swell and the tide is out. High tide can bring the wave to close to the jetty wall. Some local rippers there for sure. But they arent too grumpy. I have yet to be run over on my sponge yet.

By anonymous , 05-11-2002

no title - I have a picture of this place pretty epic from back in like '87. Doesn't get good often-haven't surfed it in years-but can attest to Tom Curren getting it good. It's a real fun wave when it's on.

By anonymous , 07-08-2001

corrections - This break is known as the "HMB Jetty". The peak is right next to the breakwall (which you can see in one of the pictures); south swells bounce off of that and form a cool bowl that rips right down the beach. This break doesn't go off very often as good SW swells are pretty rare in NorCal except for the summer months. When it DOES go off, you can be sure a small crew of locals will be on top of that small peak dominating it. That takeoff point is VERY small, so the locals tend to get grumpy when it gets crowded, as you might expect. There is a small amount of beachbreak running the length of the beach southward that you'll see a few longboarders and beginners on. Every once in awhile a decent right will form on the beach, but that too is very rare...

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