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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, SF Marin

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By sfoz , 18-10-2016

RIP deadmans - ive been surfing here for what, 5 years now? deadman's sucks. yeah go ahead and say i'm just some unhappy local or a kook, i dont care. most of the guys who paddle out can't even make the drop, and yet they're out here acting like hot stuff cause they surf "the secret wave". you want to surf a good wave? go to OB. these stupid novelty waves like deads and ft point are ridiculous. go surf a real wave at ocean beach, get a real barrel. deads (and eagles) are just kook waves at this point, in the last few times i've been out i dont think ive even seen anyone get a sick one. guys paddling out on wavestorms, give me a freakin break. deadmans is about as mainstream and kooky as bolinas.
all of you other "locals" who call people out, get over yourselves. im tired of bothering with all the kooks out there, whats the point in "protecting" a wave that just sucks to begin with? it's a take off with a small shoulder, over some rocks. it just makes you idiots look even worse than the kooks, freaking out about a crappy, overhyped wave.
if you wanna surf around here, find a wave thats actually worth it.

By 707westy , 30-01-2010

flock dat sit - Worst ever. Haven't even checked it since '94 when there were already 50+ guys in the water, less than 5 could even make the drop. The best place to find agro's and kooks. I'm suprised I haven't seen anything about people being airlifted out yet. Mostly pure puss-bags and idiots surfing a classic wave. If you have any skill at all do yourself a favor and find an empty sandbar at OB or come to the real NorCal.

By Anonymous , 12-11-2009

how lame - how can a wave that breaks about 10 times a year have any locals? say hi to me the next time it works, i'll be the guy in the black wetsuit with the white board.

By SF locale , 18-08-2009

Hey there Mr. D.O.{Deadmans Owner!} - Got an open invitation for me on some spread~eagles action, or what? Ever wanna tie a surfer~man up? Got any hemp~rope? Let's go!!

By Anonymous , 14-05-2009

- eagles is barely a spot. if you really know what your doing or youre on a bodyboard, and the conditions are just right, and you know how to dodge boulders, you might get some fun waves out there but you'd be better off just staying away.

By Anonymous , 15-03-2009

what about eagles? - is eagles any good. would i get beat up if i surfed there

By Anonymous , 26-02-2009

Shut it kooks - We all know who owns this place. If I see any of you kooks out there I will make love to you in a NOT tender way.

By SF Local , 03-12-2008

Deadman's is a Homo spot! - Big surprise that with SF's large, actively gay population they'll flock to DM's with a swell-on!!

By Anonymous , 30-11-2008

localism is for faggots - hey bro down there, bitching and whining about a surf spot. all i want to say is that if i found ur ass out there yelling at me, id make you see no tomoro

By Anonymous , 28-10-2008

Idiots - I have surfed from South Africa to Barbados, Indo and elsewhere and the 'act' from Deadmans is a joke. You forgot what surfing is about and none of your are Kelly - so chill!

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