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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 SF Marin

USA, California

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By 'noma ned , 10-03-2004

LUCKY Bastads - You Marin folks lucked out. This website absolutely punked the county to the north, they got almost every surfable spot we have, and then a bunch of unsurfable ones too. man I can't believe they didn't get #%$&# beach, $%&(%$^*& Beach, ^*), (&%*-(&^%*( Trailhead or even $^%&() Point. you lucky bastards...

By , 18-11-2003

camp&surf?? - Im headed North of the Bay area and am looking for a place to camp near some surf for cheap, u mates got any recomondations??

By Hamid , 18-11-2003

Relax people - Why does there need to be so much rivalry in surfing as well - just make the best of whatever location you're at and enjoy your rides.

Have fun.

By anonymous , 14-10-2003

NOR CAL CLOWNS SOCAL SLOP!!!! - All I have to say i that i was born and raised in Santa Cruz, and the waves up north are much better than southern California. I have surfed the entire length of our state and can honestly say socal is always worse than NOR CAL. So Cal consists of mostly mushy and gutless slop when compared to our bomb ass tubes and ramps. Unfortunatly you So Cal kooks are not welcome here so dont even think of trying it. Unlike you kook city folk we all know eachother up here and see your untalented ass coming a mile down the beach. Have fun surfing lower trestles with 200 other guys while im surfing the same swell three feet bigger with just two of my buddies! Ill see you guys down there next time i jack you for your contest money!

By Nor Cal Surfer , 13-08-2003

Nor Cal - Nor Cal Rocks i know southern california is nice and warm. I have to say so of the waves a really great. But there is not a single place that can compare to the beauty of Northern California. Not everyone in Nor Cal is a kook as a matter of fact many people go to SoCal to learn becuase of it's "reputation" As a matter of fact in america surfing originated in Santa Cruz 3 hawaiian princes cam to Santa Cruz and tought some locals to surf then years later a guy from SoCal went to Hawaii and cam back and started a surf club. So next time you think of insulting anything make sure you know your info first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 14-04-2003


By , 27-03-2003

Brasilian Surfboards - I represent some of the best surf companies and shapers in Brasil. I'm loking for someone to be my representative in San Francisco or any contact in surfshop. We just work with the best material in the market and the price is very competitive because of our currency is. Tks, Eilon.

By Robert , 08-02-2003

Why don't you shut your mouth and listen this time - I've never considered myself a local, any where along the coast I've lived. We all know these aren't secret-Your dumbass is looking. Spots are being added on this site. Some used to be less known- others have not been mentioned. That is my point- find them yourself, stop posting. And you thought you had a point... wipe away the tears anon.

By anonymous , 07-02-2003

Robert you tosser! - Who's posting secret spots then? All the spots listed on this site are soooo well known!!! Im from the UK and know all about these places!! I also know there are a few spots around here that are not posted on this site!!! Think yourself lucky! You seem to be stuck in the 80's mate!!! If you class yourself as a 'local' then go somewhere else that us 'outsiders' dont know about!!! Or are you too scared / incompetent? If so, shut-up loser!

By Robert , 04-02-2003

Secret spot exposures - Keep you're fuck!ng mouth shut gumby!!! No true surfer would post their top secret spot on the net.If you're gonna use such immoral tactics as using the internet as a means of revealing a secret spot, then by all means those who regular these spots are justified to use their own immoral means such to combat the Kook influx.Broken faces, broken boards, rocks chucked at you,slashed tires, broken windows.These are tactics of war, and you brought it on.Lets keep it peaceful instead, search for your self, learn the ropes, and by all means have fun.Less typing,more surfing.

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