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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 SF Marin

USA, California

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By nor cal kick ass , 29-07-2004

my bad in my last message... - i mean nor-cal is 5 foot+ OVER head during winter swells

By NOR-CAL is awsome , 29-07-2004

dude how bout we not fight about the damn surf in nor-cal and so-cal - god damn SO-cal NOR-CAL there surfing spots there both goood... gosh damn whats the big deal we have nothing to fight about SO-CAL has more spots and is good on south swellls during summer... NOR-CAL surf is good big fireing and hallow during the winter mos spots around nor-cal during winter are 3 foot+ during winter i mean dude SO-CAL and NOR-CAL are almost even... But nr-cal is over all a little better I (NOR-CAL KICK ASS!)

By NoFattie , 15-06-2004

Timmy - I was one of those massive fatties once. Lost it and will never be a fattie again. I never took a plane or bus because it would be rude. Also never was seen on beach w/o a loose top. I say make 'em pay at least 150% fairs. Good looking surf bunnies should ride free, however. Timmy, take a hatpin with you next time. See if you can deflate one of those porkers. Wave was great today.

By Timmy , 15-06-2004

A Whale of a Problem - But no- I am entirely serious. have you ever sat on an airplane with a huge person next to you who hogs both armrests and spills over into your seat? I mean, what are you paying all that hard-earned cash to buy a plane ticket if you are only buying 3/4 of a seat? The big boys and girls should be charged extra, while the common man gets a discount!

By anonymous , 15-06-2004

SF fatties - Keep all those fatties out treading water. They will loose weight. But then they will buy boards and your spot will get crowded. Whale on the beach!

By Timmy , 15-06-2004

Local Surfer - Hi. I'm a local SF surfer who has one complaint about San Francisco: fat people who ride the bus and take airplanes. They should be charged the fare for two people, because their body spills over into like half the other seat. It really tweaks my back sitting next to them! I am a surfer and complaining about this, because it messes up my back for surfing.

By anonymous , 17-03-2004

reply to cortes bank - fair enough.

By anonymous , 12-03-2004

Cortes bank - That was claimed in SO-cal like everyone gets to surf there after school or some shit. It is a fucking reef 100 miles out. i wouldn't even call it in America. it's abouot as american as, say Cuba 90 miles from key west, do we consider surfing in Cuba the domain of the floridiots???

By some bloke , 10-03-2004

Nor Cal is World's Apart - Even in the summer, OB can get consistent windswell that's overhead and powerful when LA will be 2' and packed. I've lived in both places and know: The waves and scene down south is very depressing compared to here.

By anonymous , 10-03-2004

the norcal-socal lowdown - Ive lived and bodyboarded in the Bay Area for the last ten years. Before that, I lived in Socal in San Clemente and Oceanside. Ive been a bodyboarder most of my life, and have had my share of double overhead plus surf in both socal and norcal. Norcal is definitely a heavier place than most places in socal, due in large part to the colder conditions and the average swell size. Norcal also has a lot less people in the water and a lot more great whites in the water. Norcal might be bigger and heavier, but socal has plenty going for it. 1. The conditions are better for surfing, no doubt. warmer water and warmer air allows you to stay out longer, allowing you to ride more frequently. 2. Summer time in socal gets you big south swells, opening up a whole differnet set of breaks from the winter. In norcal, the size pretty much drys up as soon as summer hits 3. In socal you dont have to wear full suits year round. Anybody who grew up in norcal ever trunked it for two or three months out of the year? I miss that 4.Surfers in socal really dont pay attention to the whole socal-norcal rivalry. I had never even heard of such a thing until I moved to the bay area. 5. socal tends to have on average more breaks per mile of coastline, due to easier access along the beach (fewer cliffs) and development. 6. socal gets bigger than many norcal locals give credit, consider Blacks, the Wedge or Cortez Bank. 7. The swells in socal tend to be a bit more ordered, and not as relentless as swells in norcal, making for easier paddle outs in heavy conditions. Which place is better, you might ask. The answer is neither. If you are lucky enough to live in socal or norcal and be a surfer or a bodyboarder, count your blessings. Personally, while loving both places, I must say that the speed and power of the waves in norcal coupled with the lack of crowds makes it a better place to ride. Crowds in socal pretty much ruin the chances of having fun at any world class break. People are assholes in the water in socal (funny, in norcal, the smaller the waves, the bigger the assholes) Ocean Beach SF is the best beach break I've ever ridden- for bodyboarding it beats the wedge hands down. The wedge might be huge and dumping with a thousand people watching you eating sand (and getting snaked), but if you want to get in and out of huge barrels then lauch off of shoulders that are coming right at you, go to Ocean Beach. If you dont want to get snaked, go to Ocean Beach. Locals here will give you respect if you show it to them, unlike in socal. When its big, the crowds here are nearly non existent. I usually welcome company out there anyway, less chance of being shark bait. This place is like mile after mile of A frames when it is on. Nobody need complain about people talking up Ocean Beach, because, like I said, when it matters, the crowds will be very light, and hundreds of spitting waves will break unridden. In southern california, it seems as though every decent wave that comes to shore is devoured, regurgitated, then eaten again by all the surfers and body boarders. All in all, keep the trash talking down, be respectful and have fun. I think we are the luckiest people in the world.

p.s. I dont like PC bullshitg, but people who call other people "gay" or "fags" on this website are stupid, especially if the person writing them is more then twelve years old. Im not gay, but grow up. There are way funnier ways to cut someone down with being prejudiced in the process.

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