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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, SF Marin

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By Di2Pie , 02-05-2013

Great experience in Bolinas - Been a few years since anyones added a comment here. So I thought I'd update with my experience's out there.
I haven't had any issues with Localism at all. Mostly friendly surfers who will chat with you if you are friendly.
I met a SF surfer out there for one session and struck up a convo.. we ended up surfing together for the day and he gave me some great pointers I've been working on since.

I'm still a noob (<-- I prefer that term to "kook" since I do my best not to be one) I started with a couple lessons out in Bo and have been stoked since. I usually go out at least twice a week to practice and there's been plenty of days that all I get in is "paddling" practice. I Ride a 7'10" funboard and just bought her a little over a month ago. So we're still in the "getting to know you" stages. I usually try to stay just left(or right depending on the perspective) of the patch and catch what I can there and stay out of the way.. but I think it's time to get in the lineup if I plan to improve I need to catch some serious waves.

I haven't wandered outside of Bo yet... feeling like I need to get my skills up before doing so and it's a nice safe shallow beach to do that at.

I'm from Sonoma county... and would surf local if there were some nice beginner beaches up here. Alas.. nope. (And no Doran doesn't count. Been out there... FLAT except beach breaks)

I'm open to any suggestions for alternative beginner spots from SF to up here in the north bay.

By Anonymous , 28-06-2010

- sick day at the bo yesterday bro

By Anonymous , 05-09-2008

dumb - your and idiot.. as if people is bolinas use paper money anyways, ever heard of coastal currency?

By Anonymous , 08-08-2008

I have a better idea - Since they dont like people "invading" their town everyone should stop going we should boycott Bolinas and when everyone there runs out of money and all the shops close down we can all point and laugh. Who's in?

By Ken , 13-07-2008

Sure Bolinas is no epic wave area, but.. - As any place the earlier you get there the better. Before 9 at the latest. A few folks there and the mob mentality doesn't kick in until the crowds show up. Mainly I can take my dog there and let him sit on the beach while I surf. No can do in Santa Cruz. If you know someplace I can take my dog, please share. If you do go, please be sure to spend a little money there. Have lunch at the cafe or top off your tank, get something from the store. It kinda makes up for invading their town.

By Anonymous , 21-05-2008

Worthless - thats all I'm going to say

By Anonymous , 08-04-2008

- What's up with that dumb ass dog that is always swimming around out there....I'm surprised it hasn't been shark meal.

By Anonymous , 24-10-2007

good last weekend... - but oh so crowded. It was like an 10 to 12 ft NW, hitting with 7 ft faces at seadrift (3x OH down at OB). Actually a lot of rippers out.

By Anonymous , 06-09-2007

going off! - DUDE last night it was like totally 1-2ft and going off! the only bad part was that BIG JOE B. and stand up paddle guy with the red board were being little snakes!

By i slashed your tires near bolinas kook! , 06-08-2007

weird - so trippy to find a spot on the net where people seem to have a lot to say about my town and the waves that nurtured me as a grom.. bolinas sucks unless you live there, if you grew up @ the groin, then hopping into the water at an opportune momentt to surf pinner winners and leaving with dry hair a few times a year is like mothers milk after 150 duck dives and some epic waves elsewhere

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