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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, Orange County

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By Big Prokamzi , 18-07-2009

World class for crappiest beach break in the world. - It's total crap virtually always, & the geeky local kids that don't have a driver's license yet brag on it with lies about it ever getting any good, you gotta be totally stranded with no where else to go to surf this place. Hence its name.

By L8DROP , 10-07-2009

Funny anonymous! - I spent years @ Strands, the point boys are not friendly and don't give anyone waves. As for beginner, if you are a beginner who wants to get pounded!

By Anonymous , 14-01-2009

- I surf here all the time, i wear a spring suit with booties and a hood, and ride a 8ft soft top. Everyone here just lets you go and shares the waves with each other!!!! espically the locals dudes off the point very freindly locals!!! and a great beginner spot.

By I 'heart' Kevan , 13-08-2008

Kevan - Kevan is right...especially because he observes alot of surfers from the shore with his metal detector. Just bring him a handful of hershey kiss's and you'll find his sweet spot.

By Anonymous , 02-07-2008

Depends on the rocks and the sand - This wave does get very super heavy. I bodyboarded it a few summers ago everything was perfect. When it gets overhead it's one of the heaviest waves in orange county. It can also be offshore and glassy when creek is sideshore. This place breaks like a mini teahupoo when it's working.

By Anonymous , 28-06-2008

fickle - I've been surfing strands off an on for about 5 years. I'ts primarily only a summer south swell spot and pretty much completely depends on how the sand has moved around on the rocks that year. I've only seen it really good one summer so far with most other summers pretty much sucking compared to other OC spots.
The wave IMHO is one of the heaviest in OC once it gets overhead - more like a deep water wave.
This is probably one of the worse beginner spots due to the prevalance of submerged rocks, close proximity to shore, and higher power of the wave.

By Kevan , 24-03-2008

not. - no kooks allowed. strands always has a pack of locs on it, so dont even try. youre wasting your energy by walking down all those stairs because i guarantee youre not gonna get a wave.
theres endless stories of boards being broken and barns getting jumped.

and whoever said strands has a wedge is lying. if you want a wedger go to west st, about 5 minutes north.


if you want legit waves with friendly crowds, go back to salt creek.

By Jon , 19-01-2008

strands - hey,
im pretty new to surfing, i have an 8 foot foam board, but i just got a 6,1. i've never tried it, so would i be welcome at strands?

By Anonymous , 15-11-2007

What? - Wow! There sounds like there may be a few real surfers around. Regardless of the board they ride. It is amazing to me that idiots are really into the "Im a cool, radical, bitchin, surfer dude". Cheesy enough yet? Can't we just surf and love it. If you are into surfing for the right reason you know. Love the ocean and just surf. Let your skill speak for itself. But, if we all did that companies wouldn't make so much money off stupid t-shirts, stickers, and hats. Maybe we can all go pro! Do you surf to be a cool kid? Or do you just love to surf? Strands is one of the best breaks in so-cal. I have been going there for years and love the wave. Its funny, I bodyboard but have never had the occasion of a anyone talking s--t they way people do on this site. Are you kids eating retard sandwiches again?Enjoy your time in the water.

By Violent Lantern guy , 15-05-2007

8' Strands - depends what you call 8', but the Point can hold that and more as can White Man's at the north end- not 8' Hawaiian style, but depending on the angle there's a few spots between the two points that can fire at double overhead range- and spongers are never welcome, beat it tea baggers-
watching the Spaceman dive for bugs while being launched at the ramp on a nice south is always worth the visual!
C&R the corbs, great place for them

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