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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 San clemente pier

USA, California, Orange County

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By Anonymous , 04-08-2009

PIER @ NIGHT - The SC pier is best hit at night like 1030-11pm at the end of a south swell. Nobody in the water and the waves on the N side rip lefts and are pretty well lit.

By Anonymous , 10-06-2009

It get good sometimes! - The Pier is often walled up. It really needs a combo swell to make it a peak and break good. Oh, I am one of the 204 Boys from the early 70's.

By Anonymous , 31-08-2008

pier - for the most part, the pier sucks. its usually small and mushy. that said, there are days when the pier can get really, really fun, but only like 7 days out of the year. if theres a solid sw swell (and you dont like trestles) then the pier may be the best option. and all the old time local guys are full of shit, trust me.

By Dennis Nease , 02-08-2008

The Pier and the 70s - All you people, you all talk about being pier locales. If you people only knew the truth. Back in the 70s, there was a pier crew, I could mention many names, the older crew, and the up and coming locales. The lefts off the pier used to work during the summer, and the rights at HQs used to work in the winter. T-street locales, and 204 locales didnt mess with us, we got along sometimes. All I have to do is mention 1 name, Midget Smith, and that should shut everyone up, who is talking about locales, and how long they have surfed the pier for. If you can remember Natural Design,youve been around a while,The S.C. Pier locales now, if there are any, have no idea, of how good everything used to be, Read the WATER MAG article on San Clemente published a couple years ago it should shed some light, if anyone cares. Midget, Greg, Marty, Gary Z, Neaser, drive on, live on. Take it easy people, just surf, and enjoy life. Peace Out

By Anonymous , 24-02-2008

Left's off the Pilings - What people dont know about The S.C. Pier and how it used to be, will not hurt them. Back in the day early 70s, S.C. pier used to have sandbars that created lefts off the pier that were unreal. Super steep takeoffs,with barreling sections, really good shaped lefts, and down by lifeguard headquarters, were the rights.I remember when it used to get real big, we back then the real locals, pier rats used to just jump off the pier to get to the lineup.The head locals like Midget Smith, Greg Rozunko, would give us little rats waves sometimes, but we had to pay our dues. But they took care of us. Back then the pier was totally different, dont know what happened to the sandbars, these days. Its just not the same. The south side used to get good also. Midget had it wired.And we did to,the pier locales rarely ventured to other local S.C. spots, we were not liked alot back then, like the t-street golden boyz, however some of us got along with the 204 guys. Ziggy and them.

By pooface , 26-09-2006

It can get good... like once a year - go to to get a daily movie + Picture of the waves that morning. There was a swell last week and northside held it!

By Anonymous , 30-07-2006

aholes - what the f is your cali boys prblem there enough waves for every one

By Anonymous , 05-07-2006

umm ok - If you guys like to claim a 3 second ride and closeouts on anything bigger than 3 ft, have at it. Nice looking trim over there though.

By Pier Bowl , 19-06-2006

Mario is right about that... - Dudes right about the crew that used to be there wouldn't let you surf when they were out. They'd kick your ass in a heartbeat, but not before breaking off your glass on fins. Now days my motto is fuck you, I'm going unless you're about the 15 people I see all the time. Now that summer is here the place is a freaking disaster with a a ton of pale, fat fuckers and they all have boards they've no idea what to do with. Hoping the South Pacific kicks it this summer and we've got 6+ surf to thin it out and keep them on the beach. Freaking sea of humanity; come on September!!!!

By Mario , 13-06-2006

beat it.. - all you fukin fake ass geeks writing about the spot and have no clue. It has its days... its shitty more often then not.. and when its on.. the crew is out... if you cant get on your feet get the fuck out of the way... because the likelyhood of you getting your ass beat when you get to the beach is high. And to all of you other Morons wearing SC Pier Locals hats... get a life.. i remember when most of you first moved here from where the fuck ever... you wern't here when there was a real crew, and you arent one now... just more donkeys in the way that i have to say hi too. Not to mention its not a wave to claim. ANyone that brags about a 4ft dumper and claiming they charge needs to be shot.

thats my 2 cents.

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