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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Salt creek point

USA, California, Orange County

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By dang3rtown , 26-02-2012

The Truth - Ok, here's an unbiased review of Creek for people who actually want an idea of what to expect.

Salt Creek is pretty fun, one of the more consistent spots in south orange county. For most surfers you will either surf the point, on the south end or middles which is in the middle. The point is an ok left that can be kinda mushy but is almost always ripable and gets good with enough swell. Middles is a pretty decent beach break that tends to start out pretty flat and slopey but gets hollow on the inside. The crowd factor is pretty much what you'd expect from a good OC spot that's easily accessible by car. Crowded at times but not bad mid morning/mid week. Localism: There are some local old guys who get respect but mostly it's just a bunch of NSSA kids who rip but aren't any threat. I've heard some heated discussions but nothing you wouldn't get anywhere else. Certainly nowhere close to actual localism like you get at silverstrand or steamer lane. Don't be a dick and you'll be fine. If you can't get a wave at the point it isn't because the locals are shutting you down, it's because you're not a very good surfer and can't position yourself right. Good luck, have fun at a cool little spot.

By Anonymous , 15-10-2008

hahahaha - you guys dont have the slightest clue about localism. Im not even white and paddle straight up to your peak, the point as you call it even though it is just a reef, and back paddle a bunch of bitchy looking people, and catch all kinds of waves.

By Anonymous , 24-03-2008

localism and surfing - localism is just about the biggest bunch of bs that I have ever heard of. I have no idea how a sport that embodies tranquility and a harmonious blend of man and nature can make people turn into such raging assholes. We are all citizens of this planet and nobody has a right to claim these waves like they own them. There is such a thing as respect, but respect is a two way street, respect the locals and those who shred, but also respect others that are new to this experience, respect each other as people. Face it, all surf spots are crowded and more people will continue to crowd the waves.. those are the facts, deal with it! We'll start at the shittier breaks, get better and ride wherever.

That said, this is a bunch of smoke and mirrors with the localism at creek, I surfed on easter sunday. It was crowded and it was my first time on a shortboard, and I had no issues. Got a few looks but whatevs. Most of these guys are in thier mid 20's, driving thier pops old cedez and living at home with surf posters on thier walls.. yeah for highschool! I gave way on the waves I knew I couldn't catch and took the small stuff. Overall everyone was chill

But it was sick, totally glassy and small little rights that were fun.

By Bergie , 09-02-2008

Anonymous.......... - Salt Creek has and always will be the most localized surf spot in California. Gravels Point is far too radical for you sand break, ankle slappin wannabe's to handle. We recently lost one of the Kings of Gravels....the best and most natural switchfooted ever.
Check out if you want to learn what THE BROTHERHOOD was all about.

By Anonymous , 12-06-2007

hahahahahaaa - hahaaa funn in the morning then we got every nationalty that comes later in the afternon thata when i leave. hahaha

By anonymous, SD , 12-04-2007

Fools - You Salt Creek OC boys, and I do mean BOYS, make me laugh. Reading your crap is like reading the Sunday comics. In one ear, get a mild chuckle, out the other ear.
If Salt Creek is as radical as you would have people believe, then why is everyone and their sister paddling out there to the point that so called locals are forced to drive people away at any cost?
You are contradictory fools. Stay at Salt Creek. Please.

By rights off point guy , 23-02-2007

THINK ABOUT IT? - Way to go Mr Alta, you were ahead of your time. 30 years ago there were only 20 guys out and the waves were good. Now the bottom sucks and every chance of swell is suffering from island blockage or too steep of an angle. As far as laughing at our expense, you have to pay big $$$ to enjoy your sport and you live in UTAH! Enjoy hanging with pasty faced overweight sasqwatches wearing Jazz starter jackets fresh from Walmart!!!

By Alta is for skiers , 16-02-2007

It goes both ways - I used to surf Salt Creek 30 years ago on a regular basis. Moved to Utah back then to devote to skiing powder for 30 years. Still like to surf the area a few times a year and get a good laugh at the local BS. We don't pull the same crap when you guys come to our playground and Z up the hill, just have a good laugh at your expense. Think about it.

By ethan , 17-01-2007

salt kills - Hey i have been surfing creek for a while and the reason were such jerks is because countless kooks like you paddle out and dont know what there doing. Gravels is by far the best spot at creek so you stupid stand ups should just keep to point.

By rights off pointer guy , 08-03-2006

creek is all smoke and mirrors - hey chainlink thanks for the run down on creek i thought that sam george did a good job telling every subscriber how to surf creek and all it's fickel spots, but you one uped him, thanks. the problem with creek is it's too easy. too easy to drive by see the waves too easy to get your starbucks mocha too easy to act like a pro too easy too paddle out to point with the 125 other "pros" and too easy too claim mushpoint on your longboard or sponge. bring back crazy cody at least he does good crowd control if he is not on his meds, bring back shank so he can yell at everybody who deserves it. basically if you don't surf here at least 3-4 times a week keep going to trestles which is a much better wave and can handle the crowds. all creek locals rejoice in the fact that thanks to the tool road all the qwebers will find it even easier to get to trestles!!

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