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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Huntington beach

USA, California, Orange County

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By Anonymous , 02-06-2012

Posers - To all you morons telling the "Kooks" to stay away. I grew up surfing Country on the island of Oahu we consider anyone from the mainland a Kook, especially LA dip shits trying to be bad ass locals. I will come and surf your break anytime I want. Surfing is best left to those who do it for fun and for the experiencing the thrill of riding a moving wall of water. People need to be cool out in the lineup. If you think you need to intimate others you need to find a new sport. Maybe try boxing. Chill out and enjoy the sport, the ocean belongs to no one and is there for everyone to enjoy.

By Anonymous , 28-08-2009

HB Locals are lame! - I moved to HB from S.D. and lived there for 4 years, I hated this beach break! I heard so much about growing up in S.D. and was excited to surf here but when I started paddleing out I realized that wave not fun to ride, the current pushed you north alot, so I would always be fighting the current and the locals there are total assho*es. They dont even respect eachother, it's like there all fighting to be the next Kelly Slater or somthing.. The yell at eachother, get into fight on the shore, is this what surfing in the O.C. is all about? I soon after moved back down to O'l San Dog where people respect eachother and know what surfing is all obout, good times with friends. You guys can have the U.S. open and all that hot air up there

By Anonymous , 13-08-2009

whatever - i live in HB its a great beach to get surf year round, but its by no means amazing. i'm grateful to live at a consistent beach break but i wouldnt recommend for someone to visit just to surf. there are enough point breaks around that are better

By Anonymous , 31-03-2009

- i was born in newport beach just south of here. if your not from oc dont even come to huntington we dont need any kooks

By Anonymous , 16-03-2009

frustrating, depressing, and weak waves - These waves have no power at all, on 5-6 ft+ days you cant ride a short board cuz they have absolutly no power to push you into them, the side currents are annoying, the overly friendly/strange loud locals are annoying, people drop in on you even if your somebody, if one were to design bottom contour it would basically be the opposite of hb cuz the disparity of where small medium and large waves break on any given is huge, limiting ones total waves for a sesh and even if you do get a wave even if it barrels its really really soft, lots of girls surf here,
basically if you ride a shortboard and engage in more progressive surfing you will hate every break at this place, but if you are patient have a big board like ''happy surf comradery'' youl fit in fine here i guess, other wise this place is really depressing almost to the point that it seems cursed

By Anonymous , 17-01-2009

waves for everyone! - I surf at the pier, everyone shares waves and just lets you go even if they are already on it! I catch so many waves by doing that and the locals dont say anything the just stare.. If anyone sees me dont be afraid to say Hi. I wear a springsuit with a hood and booties and ride a Blue 9 ft soft top. And a great place to learn!

By Anonymous , 19-10-2008

kooks beware - dont come to the pier, go somewhere else

By longboardphil , 23-01-2008

cold but cool - Great spot and great people. Surfed 10 days in January here and I could stay longer, no problema. A good vibe in the water. Dolphins, Seals and Pelicans. No stress. Thanks folks for a good time

By Wade (NZ) , 06-12-2007

CALIFORNIA IS OVERRATED - Damn California and its bloody 'surfer image' is seriously has the most overrated scene and waves ive ever come across, crappy 4ft during 4 months of winter i was there and even HB!!!!the waves suck and the water is polluted and there are 50 yr olds everywhere who claim their spots...waste of my bloody time, made the pilgrimage to CALI and im never coming back...

By Anonymous , 03-09-2007

marty - better than bell's what joke bell's holds 20ft huntington holds what max 8ft

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