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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Camp pendelton

USA, California, Orange County

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By anonymous , 20-05-2003

Rest Stop - Whats weird is I was kicking it at the rest stop the other day and I noticed there are really no signs anywhere saying govt property keep off. That amazed me. You could literly just park and charge out and walk south. But I did see some people getting heavily rousted by some marines and detained, non surfers in the area. Any Marines know the scope on these several miles of surf???

As far as DMJ's I don't know if that is on base of off but my buddy told me you just drive in during rush hour traffic and half the time they just wave you on base, if they question you just say you saw it on the internet and you thought it was mellow.

By anonymous , 01-05-2003

no title - Calling all surfers and body boarders: Do you have a strong love for Jesus Christ? Do you feel confident in your ability to surf at all different types of breaks in far off countries and at home? If so God might be calling you to help start up a unique surf ministry. Our objective is to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” Matt 28.19. We will do this by being strong witnesses here in our community and bringing the word of God to the persecuted churches where there happens to be killer surf. If you feel the Lord pounding on your heart then please contact me at

By anonymous , 11-03-2003

Camp Pen - Not a bad place to learn how to surf and if you can handle a bunch of jarheads you will be just fine. Some days you will be the only person on the water which is a bonus. Be careful when looking at the women on the beach, they are ususally either married to marines or cheating on marines, other than that they are just beached whales so leave them alone.

By Strandsman , 27-12-2002

rest stop - who's the clown? DMJ's is 5 miles south, Trails is a few miles north- the rest stop is a marginal beach break not worth the effort- DMJ's goes off, but so does a couple spots at Trails that you wouldn't know about- anywhere from the jetty to the rivermouth at Camp Del Mar has it's day, and it gets good- and it doesn't take a genious to get on base- I usually surf south jetty O-side, but I like to treat myself to some dry barrels at the camp now and then. The hot showers are a bonus!!

By Wedontneednosteenkingbadges , 04-11-2002

DMJ's Yes, Trails ( aka Camp Pnedleton ) NO! - DMJ's has the sickest barreling peaks. In front of the rest stop ( where this clown is describing ) off the 405 is basically Trails, which should in no way be considered the same type of wave. DMJ's - sick, Trails - shit.

By anonymous , 15-09-2002

Good wave - I have not surfed the middle of the camp but surfed dmj's (del mar jetty). The wave is pretty good. South swell over head pretty much consist of nice barells. Body boarders heaven. Short boarders love it too. The only thing about this place that sucks is the crowd. DMJ is like surfing trestles. Watch out for the fat white guy who body boards. He's presents a shitty attitude in the water.

By Greg Nielsen , 14-09-2002

DMJ's (del mar jetties) aka camp pendleton - I bodyboarded here quite a bit over the summer. Access is easy if you have military I.D. and you dont have to walk a long distance or drive far. I dont know what the people that are giving the statistics are talking about. Anyways, Its a good powerful wave that is usually far beter than anywhere else in the county during any given south swell. In the water you will see alot of good surfer that are either sponsored or pro so it's not a wave you want to be out learning on or else you will just be getting everyone pissed off. Also, there are HOT showers that you can take after a cold session which is always a plus.

By , 12-09-2002

Swell Direction And Helpful Hints - This break likes a SW for some good lefts. W swells tend to wall out but rideable. Never seen a N or NW swell give any good waves. Also if possible stay a far south as possible just north of Oceanside if you are worried about tanks and hovercrafts. The southern beach (named Del Mar Beach)is for recreation and no training. No questions will be asked if you are found here. Very fast breaks hard heavy waves. I've experienced 12-15ft faces during summer months here myself. And take it from me becasue is live about 3 minutes from this break and don't have any trouble getting around base with that nifty ID card i have if you know what i mean!...The locals will, peace.

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