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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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USA, California, Monterey

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By anonymous , 28-04-2005

holy good sand bars - I dont know why im posying this but.. MARINA HAS been rocking the last week!! there is such a good sand bar a left that uis just pumping ssooo hard it nice to finally be able to just drive down the road to a good wave now. Hope the brs stay

By jarrod bray , 14-04-2005

marina - this is a really good beach break whenthe bars are lined up. Local crew aint so bad as long as you dont drop in, this beach can get sssoo many different waves from pitcing to small and rippable to just cruzing with dry hair. As for sharks never seen them but you see some dead seal on the beach on occ and makes you think other than the wind going on shore around 1200 and sometimes a rip is a great beach . You just got too know what you are doing out here.

By anonymous , 20-02-2005

shark vibe - being out the back there alone waiting for the next set while your buddy is getting worked on the inside is nerveracking! where's whitey?

By matti_j , 15-11-2004

Marina can be epic on the right day - I spent a few hours here yesterday and the place was just firing. Problem is, the wind kills it almost every afternoon, so you gotta hit it early. I see your point with the sharkiness though. I was totally alone for my whole session, and the place just started giving me the creeps after a while so i got out. Great wave though, definitely deserving of more than 2 stars, depending on when you go.

By reubX , 02-11-2004

sharks - i surfed at the marina about 4 years ago and all i can say is sketch. the beach is steep and the shorebreak is nasty, leaving a backwash mess that makes you bob around like shark bait. when i was out, it was hollow and fast. but the vibe was very gloomy and decided to get out. thats when i started to notice that the water was starting to chop big in all directions and i knew its a bad scene. when i got about 15 feet from shore, i saw a huge triangular fin come out infront of me. i paddled as fast as i can, and managed to get caught inside a shorebreak to slam me back to safety. lucky i had a rhyno paddling machine or i would've been screwed. oh and i also noticed that i was the only one out there. everytime i think of this place, it gives me shivers down my spine. its gets deep real quick, its super choppy, and i think sharks like it like that.

By colonel major kernel , 25-11-2003

Marina fires a few times a year... - I went to school at CSUMB, but lived in Monterey Bay for 15 years. Marina will fire a few times a year, but usually sucks. I consider Marina the wind sock of the bay: it blows relentless onshore for 90% of the year. The few times I have got it good, it was hairy. Lots of backwash and rips, deep water with ledging sandbars, sharks, fear factor. There is one guy who is classic local, kinda faded glory, with stories from the 70s. But Wayne Kelly is a kook....he makes so many claims...the guys at O'Neill finally put a lock on the back door because he kept trying to walk in and claim he was a team rider and needed a new suit. yeah whatevers guy.

By I love fog and south swell marina going off , 25-11-2003

Swell direction - Marina on a south swell in mid July, now that's what I'm talkin about!

By anonymous , 05-11-2003

Marina was pumping - Sure seemed pretty consistent over the weekend.

By Bob , 01-11-2003

You suck - MArina isn't consistent at all. Next to Moonstone this is the worst break in central California.

By , 12-06-2003

sam - To the person who posted: "there's no waves in JULY, the peak of the season" ??? There generally aren't any good waves in CA in July, unless you get LUCKY. not only are you unlucky, but your obvously an ignoramus.

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