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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California

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By mikeylike290 , 05-08-2011

- fullers is no secret thanks to some photos that were taken ftom an obvious costruction project... kooks... however there are some real gems but i am not saying a word. hyped or not being stranded down the coast on highway one is never fun.

By anonymous , 27-04-2006

Watch out - You know, I agree that the land and surf is everyones and that no one group of locals should detour people from getting good waves. The problem though is you need to be careful and ready for what you might encounter at some of these spots, ie Fullers. World class left w/ the south bowl "Cherrios" that fires more often, a long walk down the hill for something that could either let you down or get your a-- kicked! ITS NO JOKE GUYS! I grew up as a Pac Grove local surfer for 26 years and have surfed every spot from 4-mile down to Willow Creek..I'll tell ya though, I am 6'-4" 265lbs and I have even been ran out of Fullers on big days...So, again, be careful on who you give advice to on getting to this place cause I have been witness to a number of a-- kickings, car thrashings, and harassment down there! So, if you're a bad a-- and wanna take your chances, make sure you check the cars out before heading down...If there's more than four or five cars, DON'T GO DOWN THERE! Thats just good advice from someone who has spent his entire life down that coast surfing!

By sharky waters , 05-10-2005

The Red Triangle - The Red Triangle starts a bit south of Monterey and goes up a little past San Francisco. Most great white shark attacks occurred within this area than any other location in the world, including Australia. Shark season is generally early fall to November. There still some stragglers throughout the rest of the year; early fall to November is simply when they frequent the area most. FYI: But even with this in mind, its still extreeeeemly rare to encounter one.

By Anon-y-mouse Epony-Mouse! , 21-06-2005

You Folks Are Mistaken - The footage inquired about below was of the very blue, offshore reef a few years back - before the Ghost Tree stuff started coming out. Peter Mel was getting towed this other break far offshore - not Ghost Tree and the Don Curry sessions. I don't think Peter Mel has ever surfed Ghost Tree, but I know the footage you are referring to from a a few years back - and it is not Ghost Tree, for it is a reef peak, not a big point set-up. I think it is far offshore the tip of the peninsula, but easy to spot on a big day with an offshore breeze. So all you boneheads quit pigeon-holing Ghost Tree in with this other reef, which appears to be a better wave anyway, and looks like FLuffy Tonkas (Shipstern Bluff) and Backdoor rolled into one.

By pebble beach local , 13-05-2005

pb spot - yes, it is pescadero point, aka ghost tree

By anonymous , 05-01-2005

Crazy Spot - Pescadero point in P.B. is the tow in spot i believe your talking about

By me , 19-03-2004

no title - where is that crazy fucker of a right hander around here? a magazine said it was near Carmel, it had a crazy suck-up section at the take off. peter mel was towin into it. looks insane. any ideas?

By Evan , 07-02-2004

Carmel sweetness - Carmel rips....5-7ft perfect shoulders with the occ. tuck under


By , 10-11-2003

surf any where you want - i dont think any one should tell you where to surf. as a norcal native and surfer i think you should surf any where you want as long as you are respectful of the locals and let your stoke speak for you..i have never had a problem any where i've surfred but i also try to let the locals have their let the stoke free and fuck all the "local boys" that want to make this great sport of ours be run be narrow minded "kooks" who just want the waves to themselves......they only bring bad wave karma opone go get wet......aloha my friends..

By Everybody , 28-08-2003

Go Away Lawman - Go get a life Lawman Go bother some other spot Go Away

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