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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, California, LA County

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By WarZone , 15-08-2012

Unwelcome - Watch out for the locals. A few guys have been messed up pretty bad by the regulars. Most of the point regulars are not mouthy but they are violent.

Also, frequent sea lion attacks. They are just as hostile as the locals.

If you must surf here, show up alone and stick to the bay in front of the old bathrooms... But really, don't surf here.

By Anonymous , 23-07-2010

Decent wave - I've been surfing this break for years and it has fun lefts and occasionally good rights on the right south. Watch out for a arrogant bitch named Eric who surfs there regularly. He threatened to hurt me yesterday for looking at one of his waves because he wiped out and claimed there was a wake on the wave from guys trying to paddle in. Definitely bring caution into the water, but this wave is for everyone just like all the other popular spots in Malibu. Have fun.

By Anonymous , 28-11-2009

Fun - Surfed here yesterday .. was planning on going to County Line, but when I got there it didn't look that great ... likewise with Leo. I pulled up to Zero's and it was really clean and fun.

By Anonymous , 15-11-2009

one of the best spots - to not go too, a waste of time, county gets way better

By Anonymous , 20-07-2009

best - best and only left in southern california when it goes off. besides SS

By Anonymous , 12-06-2009

- overcrowded mushy and very inconsistant, not at all what i expected. it was bigger almost everywhere else and more consistant. overall burnout

By Anonymous , 24-01-2009

- israels have ruined this spot

By Anonymous , 07-01-2009

easy! - Calm down, man! Eggs, funboards...whatever you wanna call them are AWESOME! You should judge the surfer on how he acts, not by what kind of board he's got. RELAX! Sounds like someone needs a trip to Morro Bay to escape the crowds! I'll see you there on my "funboard," man!!

By Anonymous , 26-12-2008

you retard - dude only a fuckin kook suggests a blown-out-close-out at zuma or a shitty little mushburger and an even bigger crowd at crowdy line. fuck you dude get your faggot "funboard" outta here. nobody likes you anyways peace bitch!

By Anonymous , 16-07-2008

this place sucks - its overcrowded, smaller than every spot around it, and is just a crappy place to be at. I suggest going to Zuma or County but don't waist your time here.

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