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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Venice pier

USA, California, LA County

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By Rob G. , 30-11-2009

all talk, no walk - The locals in venice are harmless. Haven't seen a fight there in over ten years. If you're a local, for your own good, you should start putting your money where your mouth is and beat someone's ass every once in a while, or just deal and shut up. The barking has lost it's effect, you're just embarrassing yourselves. Sad.

By surfjunkiejames , 06-09-2008

re:hahaha - That's awesome, I couldn't have said it better.... Go surf in Palos Verdes, the locals are friendly and love to share

By Anonymous , 11-02-2008

hahaha - >don't surf at venice!
>go somewhere else!
>goto el porto or bay street

I imagine whoever posted this comment fancies himself a loc; I guess we should all take his advice and go elsewhere. No sarcasm intended—this is a dismal spot. It can rarely handle anything over shoulder+ unless the swell is *exactly* the right angle. The truth is, El Puko's almost always better, and on a mid to high tide and peaky windswell, so is Bay...Porto is more spread out, Bay just plain less crowded, and both breaks have far better parking. Anyone who's logged any amount of time in quality surf can tell you VB Pier is mediocre at best. Hardly a "regional classic." Don't be fooled by the better pics on this site, or the three-star rating. Want closeout barrels? Hit up South Bay. Punchier and more hollow. I feel sorry for anybody who is ignorant enough to think this is a break worth trying to keep others away from. To reiterate: do go elsewhere! —but not because some wannabe local tells you so. Do it because on any given swell, if this place is decent, you can bet there are other breaks actually kicking good waves. Just maybe not in this neck of the woods...

By anonymous , 21-12-2005

best on a high tide - it's best on high tide, best to surf near the breakwater

By anonymous , 21-12-2005

kooks - all the bodyboarders there are kooks nothing like aussie boogers

By anonymous , 30-11-2005

local - don't surf at venice!
go somewhere else!
goto el porto or bay street

By anonymous , 30-11-2005

- don't surf at venice kookillaz

By Thats right Bitch , 30-06-2005

Local Stink Eyes - Punks here at this break..came up and sprayed em all in the face...that'l shut them up..

By Seriously, dude , 12-06-2005

- During summer get Venice at a high tide and the surf is better on North side, but if it is winter I would recommend surfing the southside. Two days ago my friend and I found a four and a half foot seabass weighing about 100 lbs. on the sand during lowtide and it had a 17in. bite in his side and another on his face, so look out for sharks. I'm serious, man I'm still kind of freaked out.

By GR , 06-12-2004

VBWL - When its good, its on (but rarely) - Here's the deal: Normally, the place just closes out, but ever so often, you'll get a good shoulder. it can be a very fun wave with a nice pounding tube at the end. Its very sensitive to size and swell direction (i.e., southwest up to 6 feet) though, so expect lots of waiting time for a ride. If you're a beginner, please surf the middle (between the Pier and jetty) to avoid collisions.

Localism: The pier has a few mouths and attitudes, but by and large, many are not local boys (at least from my generation (i.e., if you don't live here, you don't surf here time period)). In fact, many are Hollywood "I surf" crew that think they're locals. Many locals have been priced out of the area by the high rents or now have to argue/fight so often that its not worth it (not that it ever was). Hope you catch a few good ones.

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