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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Redondo beach

USA, California, LA County

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By Anonymous , 17-08-2009

Ave A locs? - lol, I remember them. They ran the show anywhere south of the pier. Don't fret team sponge. Anonomous is just bitter cuz he smoked a bowl of oregano thinking it was chronic. lol Whatever happened to you guys? Redondo needs to be resurrected!

By team sponge , 06-06-2009

Ave A Locs...M1SK...PV Kooks split... - Redondo is the best beach in the South Bay. Hermosa sucks since they built the boardwalk and got rid of Dianas. Manhattan/El Porto is full of brillo spazzs, weekend warriors, and no parking. Grew up going to Avenue A and C everyday as a kid. Would drive to Huntington, Newport Jettys, The Wedge, Anderson St, Trestles, or Salt Creek in high school and beyond and wished I had just stayed home. Its a little localized in Redondo but no worse than Huntington or Seal Beach. Just don't go to Breakwall or Topaz, unless you want to get stared at by Beryl Street or Zapot jerks. Most of them don't even surf in Redondo anymore, since they turned into tweekers. Blue Pacific use to be a cool RB surf shop with a reggae influence. They made rasta colored boards and had the irie vibe until they turned into chronics. Its a bummer, I was excited to see the new BP shirts on the guy's kids at El Burrito Jr, eventhough the owners are diks. Go Surf RB in the winter early morning to miss the onshore winds and get some of the best waves that Redondo has to offer. Blown out storm days are the best at Sapphire which is actually the Northside of the Topaz Jetty. Huge, uncatchable garagedoor slammers roll in on the Topaz side and keep rolling into perfect Hawaii like bowls on the Sapphire side. Horseshoe Pier gets bowly too but I think its illegal to surf there since the fire in the 80's. Go to the Avenues in Redondo and enjoy a nice day at the beach and be sure to get a Special C at LBJ's before you leave.

By tuttlebutt , 07-04-2009

Redondo beach is south of Redondo Pier Kooks - Redondo beach is south of the pier all the way to the avenues. then there is Torrance beach and Redondo Beach is "NEVER" bigger then Burnouts. If the Avenues are 3 foot faces, they will be bigger at Burnouts. Redondo especially at Saps is always smaller then Burnouts, get it straight lame-o's.

By Anonymous , 19-12-2008

Not everday Homer - Who said we surfed it everyday. I've gone weeks before I had a chance to surf it. But when its on, and I'm right next door....

By Anonymous , 25-11-2008

I do not understand - you people. This place has its days, yes its fun, but even on the best days, you get 1 maybe 2 solid turns on an open face before it turns into worthless shorebreak. Yes the closeout barrels are fun, but to call this place a great surf spot?? The only surfer out there that can make his way out of those closeout barrels is Webber. You guys need to travel a bit seriously. I don't understand the "burned out" crew who surf there everyday.

By spunge bun , 21-04-2008

torrance sucks? - wow who ever posted that is a douche. ive surf torrance in winter when its absolutlely epic! especially burnouts. but im more of a lefty and stay in front of the bathroom.

By Anonymous , 14-09-2007

Torrance the worst in the South Bay? - How did I miss that comment earlier. What bullshit. Burnouts, aka Torrance Beach focuses the same swells in Winter that El Porto picks up. I've lived at Burnouts over 20 years and surfed it longer. In winter, hugh peaks exploding way outside push hard at Avenue I down past the south end of Burnouts. It fades smaller the closer you get to Rats. I've been under gunned on some sweet West Swells 6-8 (backs) and holding perfectly. These same swells close out most of Hermosa/Manhattan spots. Doubt it, then you have never surfed Burnouts on a big day.

By Anonymous , 22-05-2007

closer discription - actually very few kids surf south of the jetty.although its not all that often,but with a peaky west swell this little streach of beach can get extremely hollow and is also the only spot on the coast that stays offshore when the dreaded south winds blow all the big name spots and everywhere else out.clear water and hollow,dangerous tubes can be had ,however ,you just about have to live here and check it every day to score.except for those rare good days mentioned above when you need a shortboard or gun to survive.i can ride my longboard almost every day of the year and have fun.

By anonymous , 25-01-2006

Anonymous - Ginny Sapphire has been breaking this winter its been fuun.

By Bro the surfer , 02-11-2005

Hit the pier - Check Redondo Pier on a very windy day and you might get the surprise of your life. If the wind is backed up by a ground swell, the pier should be on. Medium and high tides the best. Perfect peak right smack in the middle. Fun right on right side and barrelin lefts below Tony's. Place just needs "lotsa winds"

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