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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Manhattan 26th street

USA, California, LA County

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By Anonymous , 04-02-2008

MB Pier is much better - 26th st sucks go to Porto or the pier for real waves.

By Anonymous , 25-11-2007

26th street... - I've lived in manhattan all my life(born and raisd) The fact is, a lot of asians from gardena go there. Not a stereotype, its the truth...

By Anonymous , 27-09-2007

- This place can get decent on the right swell but is mediocre at best. Also known as one of it not the most polluted beach in the area so I hope you've had your hep shots!!! also watch out for the clueless asians who get in your way and ditch their board at the first sign of trouble.

By Anonymous , 20-10-2006

yo - surfed it this morning (Oct 19, 2006) super fun, offshore from Santa-Annas, and really clean acorn barrels. Definately more fun than the parking lot was looking. Glad i drove the extra 1/2 mile... ha

By pazgirl , 25-06-2006

To the ignorant a-hole who commented about asian people - Pat Foley - you are a true idiot and it's people like you that keeps racism alive. You do not own the beach so do yourself a favor and educate that confined little shithole that you call your brain.

By Koz , 07-02-2006

Shit Pipe - Alright, this is my spot, but I've been away for a couple of months, and will be returning shortly. My buddy said they fucked up the beach with a sewage spill or something. I'm just wondering how bad it is, and if it's even semi-safe to surf it. I don't give a fuck about surfing during or after a rain storm, so if it's not gonna kill me, I'll be out there.

By , 20-01-2006

Sewer Peak Wave - Brown Foam Everywhere - Couldnt resist surfing good waves in L.A. with NO CROWDS! There was a 2 million gallon sewer spill here on Sunday. Weirest waves ever.It was like a giant flushed toilet bowl with big thick powerful dumpy waves coming through. What a weird session. One wave there would be a HUGE peak, BIG drop then no wall. Another wave would be a fast wall then a close out. Youd get up and speed down the wave - if you tried to hit the lip - it would overtake you. Really Fast. Another wave would be the exact opposite. Youd drop in and it would flatten out totally. The water smelled. It was creepy as Hell out there with fish everywhere and seals all over. I was the only person out until dark.

By Pat Foley , 10-01-2006

- 26th street has one majr hazard...the asians, please do us a favor and go back to wingwong land, or atleast el porto

By King of Marine , 16-09-2005

No Marine St. - 26th is a fun break, but you'd be much better off heading south one tower and surfing Marine St. There's a consistent sand bar to the north of the tower, and on the right day, you'll see some bitchin' surf.

By , 04-06-2005

Learning to surf - If you want to learn you should try to find a place along the beach were there are not too many people out.
Everyone progresses differently. It will take time. Dont give up. Once you can surf "basic" style, small cutties , floaters, catching and working the lengh of the entire waves- then hit up the median spots. And always observe the rules.

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