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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Leo carillo

USA, California, LA County

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By the flatness , 16-11-2009

leo carillo - This video speaks volumes:

What it fails to capture is the narrow take off zone, which accommodates about three people. Works best at high-tide on a 4-6 ft south – there is a hollow section off the top of the point then. NW wind blows offshore here. A regular kook-fest on most days, if it's breaking at all.

By L.A.Native , 01-01-2009

Fah-q has gone anonymous to act like a tough guy! - This spot was overrated in the first place, so I didn't give it a bad rating boys, obviously your screen-name is no longer Fah-q; it's anonymous!! Get your facts straight jerky-boiz, since ANYONE who surfs this 2-star break is a full-blown flaming homo, & whiners like you belong with all the other fanny-packers that cram the lineups@Arroyo Sequit!!!

By Anonymous , 26-12-2008

i agree - fuck the LA native!! haha he sounds like a fag himself!!

By Anonymous , 26-12-2008

god damn - TO LA NATIVE jeeeeesus christ dude, first off if your truly an LA native then you probably make it up to secos like once or a year in which case you have no right to rate a spot badly. second off, if you do surf secos a lot, then you shouln't call yourself a LA local, cause then your just a lying faggot fuck. third if you are a LA native or whatever and you CAN afford to huff it to secos more than like 100 times a year then you are a bitch for paying for gas to get to a spot you don't even like. nothing you say really makes sense you pussy fuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaahahahhhahhaha woooooooooooooooooooooooooofuckyooooooooooooooooooooooouu!! peace bitch!

By Los Angeles Native , 03-08-2008

Two stars is all Arroyo Sequit will EVER deserve! - Hey Fah-q the good news is that you & your boyfriend can get legally married here in Cali - at least until the November polls open & maybe for good after that - Now there's two stars 4 you 2 future happy campers @ Leo's!

By Fah-Q , 17-01-2007

Two Stars huh>?? - Leo can get really nice. I've had some of my best waves ever out there. Rights so long that my legs were quivering at the end. I think Leo can garner a little more than two stars!! The takeoff is small, and sometimes you may get shoulder hopped ...but all in all, this place is summertime bliss :) I do the place on a shortboard (fat fish)...but recommend a longboard for the majority. The longboarders always get in first, because they can sit out past the rock a LONG ways. If you're on a shortboard, you'll have to be sneaky ;)

By Anonymous , 22-12-2006

Rocker - The Rocker nailed it; except that I've ridden long and short there for a lot of years now, with equal success (right tool for the right day - eh Rocker?). Here's a tip: paddle out, figure out who you should consider a factor - you can't miss us - we know each other(there's about a dozen regulars), and strictly adhere to etiquette, including lining up amongst ourselves). Line up with us, mind your manners, don't choke the drop - that's the key to any spot, really.

By Anonymous , 05-12-2006

- this is not in vc this is in L.A.!

By Anonymous , 14-11-2006

- Um this spot is technically part of LA County.

By The ROCKER , 02-09-2006

Setting the record straight - Hmmm... reading so many negative posts about one of my favorite breaks lends this reply:

Leo can be a great machine like summer break if the tide and swell direction are favorable. Yes, the longboarders pretty much rule the place because of the defined / critical take off zone and under most conditions many shortboarders just cannot compete. I have surfed a longboard here for many years and always try to share waves with the shortboarders (even though they have brought the wrong tool). For the most part the "crowd" the guys catching the set and reef waves are above average surfers, while yes we are competetive we are also generally respectful of the sport and share waves with each other. We will share with you also if you can prove to us that you can make the take off! In my humble opinion the people who are frustrated and complaining about this place should surf somewhere else. C'mon out and sit by our friend the rock.

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